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China's copper exploration of resources by the major breakthrough is expected to ease the bottleneck (MCC sear

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Tony Blake 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:47:30
China's copper exploration of resources by the major breakthrough is expected to ease the bottleneck (MCC search)
answer Abraham Ford  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:47:30
China's copper exploration of resources by the major breakthrough is expected to ease the bottleneck (MCC search) China's major mineral resources exploration in a major breakthrough. Yesterday, the China Geological Survey to the Secretary Meng prospecting in the geological survey results conference that replaced with a number of national mineral resources base of the formation, will add a number of important capacity, is expected to ease some of mineral resources supply and demand . According to another report, in the Tibetan Plateau, Kunlun? The western Altyn discovered in the work of a group of very low level of prospecting areas, North China, Northeast China's Anshan looking for deep concealed ore-type breakthrough progress, along the southern periphery of ancient plate distribution of a series of stratabound lead-zinc discovery based on new understanding of the important mineral resource potential of great significance. A major breakthrough in copper exploration rapid economic and social development of our country, shortage of resources has become a "bottleneck", "major constraint", some important level of protection of mineral resources continue to decline. However, Meng to express, through the efforts, China has made significant breakthroughs in prospecting, mineral exploration has been brought to reverse a long wandering. According to statistics, since 1999, since the implementation of land resources survey, as of the end of 2005, China's important mineral resources increased significantly. Among them, 26.78 million tons of copper, lead, zinc 78.48 million tons, 20.31 million tons of bauxite, iron ore 762.8 million tons, high-quality manganese ore 176 million tons, 690,000 tons of tungsten, tin 2.3 million tons, 1.76 million tons of molybdenum, gold 1026 tons, 77,158 tons of silver, potassium 71.24 million tons, 852.53 million tons of phosphate rock. Among them, the only major mineral resource of 333-level potential value of more than one trillion yuan. According to the latest statistical report in 2006, 65 newly discovered mineral deposits, including 30 large and medium, and add a number of resources. Among them, a major breakthrough in copper exploration. Qulong copper mine copper resources in 2006 of 85 additional tons, total copper resources exploration were 7.9 million tons, with an average grade of 0.496%, and the mine and surrounding exploration potential. Cloud South Prong copper ore body in 2006 to strengthen the deep and peripheral control, the cumulative amount of copper resources exploration were 4.37 million tons, with an average grade of 0.40%, and still has a huge external exploration potential. Yunnan Copper Yangla newly discovered porphyry copper outside, prospecting potential optimistic. Juneau mine copper resources in Tibet to submit the amount of 1.07 million tons, with an average grade of 0.83%. Currently Qulong copper, Pulang copper, copper and other deposits Yangla follow-up exploration and development have been successfully transferred. Meng is expected to ease the bottleneck of resources to that proved geological work the government has increased investment in public welfare, public welfare to guide and promote the follow-up through the commercial exploration, might reverse the current consumption of new reserves reserves lagged behind the decline. According to reports, through the implementation of the strategic mineral exploration, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Northwest Yunnan, Tianshan, Nanling and a number of new national non-ferrous base shape to succeed, with the continuous development of these resources base construction, will add a important production batch, copper, uranium, potash and other mineral supply and demand shortage eased, lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, molybdenum and other advantages to further strengthen the status of mineral resources. Meng to point out that geological work effectively guide the public welfare and stimulating the commercial development of mineral exploration. According to incomplete statistics on the 472 project, a total of 1.389 billion yuan of funds into a large survey, after concluding the project into other funding sources for follow-up survey of 270 projects, accounting for 57.2%, to attract other investment 515 million yuan of financial funds, attract social funds to invest 1.76 billion yuan, 616 million transfer of mineral rights, the pulling of the role of business investment is very significant. To drive long copper, for example, 33.1 million yuan of financial investment leveraging the hundreds of millions of commercial mining investment, the domestic many large mining companies have flocked to Tibet, Tibet mining economy will enter the fast lane. In addition, Pulang copper ore to achieve a breakthrough, the commercial follow-up mineral exploration in a timely manner to complete the detailed investigation and feasibility studies, mine construction has begun. Key words: powder metallurgy Metallurgical Industry of China Metallurgical Equipment Metallurgical Machinery Metallurgy Metallurgy Metallurgy Network Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Technology Metallurgy of the metallurgical industry safety hydrometallurgical metallurgical and mining metallurgy Metallurgy, Mineral Energy metallurgical standard metallurgical metallurgical metallurgical
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