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User shocked boycott tons of steel clad fake [recommend]

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:40:13
User shocked boycott tons of steel clad fake [recommend]
answer Betty White  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:40:13
User shocked to boycott one thousand tons of steel clad fake standing in the town of Yan'an City Qi visual scene, then a bunch of seamless steel pipe enough to have more than 2000 tons, all sprayed with fake identity and its international certification clad casing ( Seamless Steel Tube) number. "This number was amazing, the whole warehouse whenever puffing all clad fake identity, not a child is true clad steel tube." Baotou Steel Gangliangufen Technology Co., Ltd. Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Minister of variety and quality Li is very sure that. Users boycott in April 2007 shocked the Baotou, Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Co., Ltd. Seamless Steel Tube Plant Manager Liu Guangting Gangliangufen received the report from the sales department: the extension in Yan'an, Shaanxi Petroleum Corporation Oil Production Plant drilling team for Wuqi Town quality problems, to boycott the use of clad steel casing. CCS senior leaders shocked, Steel production casing has 30 years of history, the quality is reliable. Seamless steel pipe plant, and this year is the "quality varieties benefit year", how is it possible product quality problems by others because of a boycott? P 5 8, Li and other staff came to the town to extend the oil company Wuqi Oil Production Plant, Baotou Steel oil pipe of the plant to the objections raised the quality of the investigation. P "their children at home he can not know it? One can tell that it is fake." Li to the "market reports" two out of true and false, "Baotou Steel" seamless steel pipe products, compare the photos: " not say what is fake spray, and it uses the characters and markers are not standardized, incorrect, incomplete. layman can read it, spray it with the distance between points is not the size of the same. "P 6 18, Baotou and Baotou seamless steel pipe plant sales company director Liu Guangting the officer came to Yan'an, the joint technical supervision departments to find the local check, confirm stacked in the town of Oil Production Plant Wuqi products warehouse Baotou seamless pipe for the fake. P said the staff Baotou, Yan'an and Technical Supervision has been checked by telephone to tell them identify counterfeit clad steel seamless tube of 1934 tons. P Liu Guangting back header immediately after the senior leadership to the CCS made a report. CCS Division, general manager of P Yongtao immediately called a meeting of all department heads, clad in the crackdown began for the road. P 7 3, Baotou Steel, "Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group" to carry clad steel seamless pipe products to international standards certification, registration certificate, identification of counterfeit products, books and other relevant supporting materials, and with the staff of Baotou City Technical Supervision rushed to Yan. P P a lot of fakes Jingxian market leadership in Yan'an City Bureau of Technical Supervision, said Yan and technical supervision departments have been carried out on the fake seal Baotou seamless pipe, and with the extension of the oil to contact the Commission for Discipline Inspection Group, decided to take this incident as an opportunity to join forces oil pipe in the region and related materials procurement market overhaul. P The next day, clad in Yan'an City, counterfeiting and Technical Supervision of staff and technical supervision departments in accordance with the procedure of filing a complaint registration and related procedures, and then rushed to the town of Wu Qi. In the absence of local law enforcement officers, accompanied by the case of oil town of Qi visits a factory warehouse. According to Bao Steel IMPACT staff said they arrived to find the warehouse door and the last came when management changes: an increase of official police and porter staff, and kept on hanging on the vehicle license B (car header) extremely concerned. Baotou Steel strike force did not dare stay too long, and around to the hill back of the warehouse, stacked in the warehouse from the middle of the seamless pipe has been identified as a fake field inference, counterfeiting has not been seamless sealed, still in use, and more than May discovered a decrease of 1 / 5. Subsequently, the strike force has been rushed to the warehouse managers outrageous off. P the same day, the town of Baotou Steel strike force and Qi oil production plant equipment procurement headquarters of the responsible person in a meeting. Discussion, the side made of seamless tube plant in purchasing counterfeit products, said the leadership has found the plant, and in early June will be seamless, and other products to qualify for the adjustment of short-listed procurement, online tender, and hope that good reputation with the Baotou Steel to continue to cooperate. P "It hit us carrying our signature brand, to create the overall image of CCS a very bad influence." Liu Guangting said with bitterness. Qi oil stacked in a pile of fake warehouse Plant "clarinet child", almost take away, blew oil town of Baotou Steel Plant in Qi, and even the jobs in Yan'an. P "for payment in different ways, so the Plant of seamless oil last year, Qi is the agent of Yan'an City, into the household supply, and less than 2 million tons, worth 140 million yuan or so. But this year because of counterfeiting, there to Do not our product. But the point to note is that the same is also the extension of the oil company's fixed-edge oil extraction plant, last year directly from the products they supply to us clad, they think the quality of our products is very good, last year was 10,000 tons, this year increased to 20,000 tons of orders. "Baotou Steel sales department Haoke Zhang told" market reports ". P eradicate "Li Gui," long way to go P "instead of using plain carbon steel pipe and oil production of counterfeit clad high quality raw materials, oil pipe, there is only 1,100 yuan in the post, and post the finished product up to 2,000 yuan or 3,000 yuan. Qi we see is a town of oil Plant, do not see it? "P clad LEUNG Chi, vice minister of technical quality is not without concern, told the" market reports ", the driver must not make profits," Li Gui " Because one or two, a blow to the demise of the two departments. They want the local public security, industry and commerce departments to actively cooperate and work to that of a battle to fight against counterfeiting. P Now, clad sales staff and product identification of personnel are still stationed in the Yan'an area continue to understand the use of local procurement of oil pipes and the source of counterfeit products and Baotou Steel distribution channels, detect Li Gui's "nest" Where is
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