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Two measures to support the steel industry and eliminate backward production capacity [recommend]

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:34:20
Two measures to support the steel industry and eliminate backward production capacity [recommend]
answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:34:20
Two measures to support the steel industry and eliminate backward production capacity [recommend] is still the energy-hungry steel companies, March 4, CPPCC member and vice chairman of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Luo said in an exclusive interview, the steel industry's energy saving heavy workload, a lot of pressure. "As the industry's own development characteristics, speed up the industry, eliminate backward production capacity, associated iron and steel enterprises are facing great pressure." Luo suggested the two countries to take measures to establish comparability --- reduction system, the development of steel enterprises restructuring plan, to support the iron and steel the smooth development of the industry and increase the energy saving efforts. According to establish comparability of emission reduction system, the steel industry last year, the comparable energy consumption and overall energy consumption decreased by 6% and 7%. Pollutant emissions, the industry reduced emissions by an average of about 2%. Luo pointed out that the energy-hungry steel industry is still the situation has not changed. The development of the world steel industry is showing a large-scale trend. Chinese steel companies from their own reality, in the scale of development at the same time, increase the pace of eliminating backward production capacity. Industry associations will help companies from four aspects, to accelerate the pace of elimination of backward production capacity. First, within the steel industry in China to establish a sound and comparable, to truly reflect the actual situation of the emission reduction system. Our energy reduction targets current system is not perfect, the lack of comparable reference. Last year, many provinces have indicated that they have achieved a 4% target, the results with the National Bureau of Statistics figures released by the discrepancy larger. Thus, China has established a sound reduction system is imperative. Second, raise the industry energy consumption, reduce emissions targets. In 2007, the Iron and Steel Industry Association, the industry will be carried out in voluntary emission reduction activities in the signing of an agreement to regulate, guide enterprises to voluntarily and consciously respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee to strengthen their environmental capacity building. Third, the Iron and Steel Industry Association, will highlight outstanding achievements in energy conservation to promote advanced enterprises, and to its advanced energy-saving technologies within the industry in the exchange and promotion. To promote greater energy efficiency of steel enterprises to join the ranks. Fourth, in the whole industry to carry out cleaner production activities, while strengthening the construction and promotion of environment-friendly enterprises. Luo believes that most enterprises in the process of backward elimination, bear great pressure on capital investment and technological innovation, the state should take into account the status of the development of iron and steel enterprises, the development plan from reality, and in the elimination of outdated iron and steel enterprises give appropriate compensation, in order to promote the smooth transition of iron and steel enterprises. Development of steel enterprises restructuring plan, "No, no, no." When asked whether China has been the consolidation and reorganization on the business planning guidance, Luo said, even the three "no" in the negative. He said that the current industries and enterprises, especially the steel industry mergers and acquisitions between the slow pace of a very important reason is the lack of an overall restructuring of the national plan. He pointed out that the geographical differences between the provinces and the distribution of benefits such as the presence of obstacles, it is impossible to achieve a smooth free reorganization among enterprises. Therefore, he suggested, the relevant state departments should accelerate the establishment of a nationwide reorganization of the overall planning of joint enterprise. Previously, the Steel Association has always stressed that development planning in the steel industry, the country should speed up eliminating backward and industrial layout adjustment combined. In other words, iron and steel enterprises and eliminate backward production capacity may be a transitional period, but the state enterprises should not slow down the process of industrial layout planning. At the same time, the industrial layout adjustment for the industry, the construction of the industrial chain to increase coastal port an important part of the layout plan is to increase the pace of corporate restructuring between regions. Luo Caofeidian steel base to the building as an example pointed out that although the government has already approved the Bohai Sea region to accelerate the steel industry consolidation and reorganization, but until now there is no follow-up article, for how restructuring, how coordination of all parties with vested interests problem, there is not a reasonable planning and deployment, there is no specific implementation details of the implementation of the policy is difficult to smoothly. How to develop business in the United States re-planning, Luo suggested that policies should be the actual situation of municipalities, considering various factors, for the care of local vested interests, the interests of the protection should be based on local coordinate with various departments to better promote inter-provincial cities, regional consolidation and reorganization of iron and steel enterprises.
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