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Copper supply tight to reduce the Chinese copper production

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bozi zhang 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:14:04
Copper supply tight to reduce the Chinese copper production
answer mary ford  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:14:04
Tight supply of copper scrap copper production fell, according to the Chinese in Hong Kong on March 3 news, smelter senior executives and analysts said on Tuesday, due to reduced supply of scrap copper, China's refined copper production is falling, which may promote the increase in import demand. Antaike copper analyst Yang Changhua said the tight supply of scrap should be imported due to the low, which may cause China's refined copper output by about 20,000 tons per month, average monthly production last year, more than 6%. "The first quarter is likely to cut 50,000-60,000 tonnes," he said. China's total production capacity by the largest copper smelting company - Jiangxi Copper (15.21,0.00,0.00%), a senior official said, the shortage is affecting the production of copper, but he did not give specific figures. "Copper supply is very, very nervous," said the senior person said. He also said Jiangxi Copper is increasing the basic understanding of the purchases, even if the basic understanding of the costs are higher. Jiangxi Copper 900,000 tonnes of capacity in the country, including 200,000 tons of capacity to scrap as raw material. The executives said that Jiangxi Copper sulfate stock higher, due to the fertilizer industry to weaken the demand for copper by-products, the plant has cut the price of sulfuric acid to reduce inventory. "Currently, we do not have to be reduced because of high inventories of copper sulfate production." Said Yang Changhua, copper supply due to reduced domestic demand for refined copper, as previously used copper as raw materials manufacturers use copper as raw materials, the increase in copper imports Lyon . January, imports of copper soared 41% over last year. ** ** Yang Changhua lower copper imports, said second-quarter copper imports is unlikely to rise to 500,000 tons last year, the monthly level of imports due to abnormally low in January. "Every month, less than 300,000 tons of imports is not normal," he said. January copper imports decreased 56% from a year earlier to 184,364 tons, and down 51% compared with December. Traders said that as low copper prices, scrap supply fell as. 3,493 dollars a tonne copper Tuesday, July compared with last year's record high of 8,940 U.S. dollars dropped by about 60%. In addition, since the fourth quarter of last year, copper prices fell, domestic importers to cancel a number of orders, resulting in increased overseas suppliers for payment for Chinese importers. Some traders said the vendors have asked the Chinese importers to pay a higher deposit, representing the proportion of the total contract price from the previous level of 10-30% increased to 30-50%. One trader said, a large international trading company requires new customers in China before arriving in a ship, 100% payment. High deposit required cash flow buyers better for the Chinese small firms reduced orders. Professional Waste Trade Advisory: QQ: 876214555 waste waste qq discussion groups 68,973,452 Net World
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