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"Love haw" Ten touching love words

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lucy liu 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:11:35
"Love haw" Ten touching love words
answer Chaplin White  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:11:35
"Love haw" Ten touching love, then 1, I can not wait for you one year and one month, and I can not wait for you to twenty-five years old, but I will wait for you forever ... ... 2, I - in fact, not fear death ---- I just want to die, want to be with you every day - 3, you're alive, I will not die; but if you - die, I'll - really - dead. 4, men do not cry for themselves, men do not cry for others Xing? 5, if you want to expose me, I recognized, and died in your hand, willingly. Just to you after I die, plug in my grave a bouquet of hawthorn flowers, set a tombstone that read: buried here, I loved the people. 6, Jing Qiu, Jing Qiu, in fact you can love a person for life, you just do not believe that someone can love you, you think you good for nothing, in fact, you --- you are very smart, very beautiful, very kind, very very cute ---- ---- ---- I am sure not the first to fall in love with you, nor the last one, but I believe I am the one who loves you ----" 7, Jing Qiu , Jing Qiu, you may not have loved, so you do not believe in this world there is always love. so who you love, you will know there are so a person, you will not be preferred to die Her contradictory. 8, you say, I understand to be executed, do not understand but also implemented. so you do not say did not mean, because I mean it. 9, from I met you that day on, I asking you in mind, if life is a one-way street to ask you from walking in front of me, so I can see you from time to time; If life is a two way street, to please you let me hold your hand, walking in the the vast human sea, never got lost. 10, last words: If you had a very happy quiet autumn, do not send these things to her; if she does not love the smooth, or the marriage is not happy, put these things to her, let her know the world there was a man loved her body and mind join together, let her believe that the world is eternal love.
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