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Global steel output in 2007 is expected to increase 100 million tons

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jessie lake 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:04:31
Global steel output in 2007 is expected to increase 100 million tons
answer Evan smith  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:04:31
2007 global steel output is expected to increase 100 million tons According to the latest estimate of Maples in 2007, world steel production will reach 1.35 billion tons. Higher than the expected three months ago, mainly due to move up the prices of Canada and India, an increase of about 8.5% of global demand continues strong, the output of all regions are expected to exceed the output of the previous 12 months. Blast furnace iron production this year is expected to reach 955 million tons is also higher than the expected three months ago, in 2006 annual output of 8.74 million tons. In 2007 production was 63.4 million tons of iron reduction, 300 million tons more than last year. Asian steel producers in 2007 will account for 56% of global steel production. Increment million tons this year, China and India accounted for 73%. The next 10 years the steel industry pattern has been established. Consumption of the fastest growing areas may remain in Asia, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. South America, and the first two areas just mentioned will be able to meet the needs of most of the additional demand for the EU -27 in the construction industry continued to firm. But the manufacturing sector may have peaked. Steel production in 2007 is expected to grow 4.8 million tons, 2.3% more than last year. EU -15 growth will slow down. EU is expected to regional economic growth rate in 2008 declined slightly. With the euro's strength, the market will continue to attract imports. Steel production is expected to increase next year will be limited to 300 tons. Blast furnace iron production increase this year is expected to be slightly lower than the increase in steel production. This was mainly due to strong demand for building products caused. In 2007, production of direct reduced iron little change. Demand for steel in other parts of Europe over the past 18 months remained stable. Construction activity and industrial production in the region where most countries have improved. Crude steel output in 2007 over the previous 12 months had increased. Projected increase to 320 million tons. Incremental mainly from manufacturers in Turkey. New this year, and the rebuilding of the factory to bring Turkey and some Eastern European countries, the largest production capacity output. In 2008 production will likely increase further. Economic growth is expected over the same period will also be strong. In 2007 the CIS economy will continue strong growth. This will lead to the growth of regional domestic demand and the need for additional iron and steel products. Therefore, crude steel production forecast up 6.7 million tons in 2007 - up 5.6% over 2006. Crude steel output in 2008 will maintain this growth. Iron blast furnace will also simultaneously increased. Update on the North American Free Trade Area of the crude steel production forecast. Estimated 134 million tons in 2007 to increase production. 1.3% increase over last year. Growth will mainly come from the fused processed products.
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