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This year China's total consumption of waste iron and steel metallurgical industry of 7200 million tons [recom

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Joanna wood 
Asked at 2011.06.07 00:54:16
This year China's total consumption of waste iron and steel metallurgical industry of 7200 million tons [recommend]
answer Ivy Bush  Answered at 2011.06.07 00:54:16
This year China's total consumption of waste iron and steel metallurgical industry of 7200 million tons China Steel News Network (China Metallurgical News, Xu Gang) "2007 China's crude steel production should reach 4.5 million tons of waste iron and steel by the 2005 Comprehensive average consumption level of 178kg / tonne of steel is estimated that the total expected demand for scrap steel is 8000 tons. in accordance with the 2006 comprehensive level of waste iron and steel consumption 160kg / t is estimated that China's metallurgical industry, iron and steel scrap consumed in 2007 should be 72 million tons. "This is the application of waste iron and steel Yanqi Ping, Secretary General of the March 19 meeting of the Third China International Metal Recycling Market and Technology Forum, a prediction. Yan Qiping the analysis of waste iron and steel market, China in 2006 when the operating conditions that: (1) domestic scrap market is basically stable, but the numerous reefs, procurement difficulties. Scrap the end of 2006 were lower than the same period last year procurement of 40 yuan / ton, the market as a whole rose by 2%; into the 21st century, the market's overall price increases year after year, which marks the era of cheap scrap applications has passed . (2) high prices of imported steel scrap market, imports dropped. The main reasons: First, prices of imported iron ore; Second, the domestic steel scrap market sluggish, resource constraints, encourage the foreign hoarding, the desire to raise prices. (3) long-term bull market, China's imports of foreign steel scrap, loose disorder, in the international scrap market, the lack of a proper voice importer status. (4) the high price of international steel market operation, even behind the scrap market. For resources related to the prediction of steel scrap, Yan Qiping focus from the analysis of three aspects. (1) Social scrap iron and steel: "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the production of steel scrap in our society has not yet entered a highly productive, social scrap steel output in 2006 3800 tons, according to the "Eleventh Five-Year" period average annual rate of 3.81 million the rise in tons, produced in 2007 the amount of social scrap 4200 tonnes. (2) iron and steel enterprises produced iron and steel scrap: According to the 2006 self-produced scrap the national average estimated production rate of 6.5% in 2007, the amount of self-produced 2900 tons of scrap. (3) import scrap iron and steel: the above parameters estimated demand for 2007 by 72 million tons of scrap, scrap steel production for the amount of 2,900 million tons, the amount of social production by 42 million tons of scrap, if all the production for the metallurgical industry resource gap is still 100 million tons, together with casting, machinery, hardware and other industries and small steel materials, scrap resource gap of 500 million tons, the market has improved if the imported scrap, scrap steel single consumption recovered to 2005 levels, the scrap steel imports are still more than 10 million tons. Speaking of waste iron and steel market trends Yanqi Ping, said China's crude steel production in 2007, with growth in demand continues to increase scrap, scrap supply gap is still large, this shortage of scrap this year to determine the pattern of market The basic trends: (1) the overall domestic scrap market will continue to rise, but with the maturity of the domestic market, and corporate procurement rational operation of the market will remain stable, the price will be with the steel market and iron ore market change ups and downs, but not ups and downs, with the scrap iron and steel the introduction of the tax adjustment policies, the domestic market will gradually straighten out and enliven the market and bring the smooth flow of trade and prosperity. (2) import scrap steel market. If the international steel market is not a major pullback, will continue to run high price trend, continued low volume of imports of scrap, some enterprises in addition to varieties of steel smelting requires a small amount of high-quality steel scrap import foreign varieties, ordinary steel scrap imports will be no major changes. General scrap the import prices of the recent modest decline though, but the outlook is not optimistic.
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