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80 most popular and least popular Valentine full rank

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William Smith 
Asked at 2011.06.02 01:08:21
80 most popular and least popular valentines like the whole ranking: 1. Memorable, but the hypocritical love souvenirs. Like Liu Tao's wedding, the groom was shocked when the first date moved to the park bench ~ this mode of cruel, little girl, "not wait see". Boys to understand that no matter how much their material worships money and after 80, if you can in a very public occasion to speak to a very restrained very magnificent "barbaric" confession, then I left some of this love can be considered recalled. Why not tell Korean and Chinese version of the words Kingdom by the Sea is also reluctantly accept it. From now on, you can only hurt me a person, to spoil me, can not lie to me, and promised to do everything I have done, every word spoken to me to be sincere, must not bully me, call me , believe me, people bully me ...... 2. Luxury brand, convenient to carry easily show off. After 80 months, the girls are willing to pay accumulated to buy a LV bag, Cartier ring, even if the primary audience of these luxury passenger bus only ~ luxury standard why not have at least have MiuMiu Prada prime it, the occasion, of course, Cartier Love. Large enough series of brand screws. Bag happy enough. Moral enough to direct. 3. Vouchers. Do not feel vulgar, people really eat this. Afraid of being beaten, then buying the wrong send coupons to let her out of rice Zhang tank pick. Even if little money, ostentation also wide. (Or completed in advance and pay the money and then say hello to the shop with her in the past election, as uncle like that, "pick any, I have bought one of the ... ...") 4. Mentioned that she had to buy something you like. Even now, this thing is no longer so fond of her, but at least the things you have to prove that she listen, she said, like you have a serious mind. Attitude is the key! ! ! Attitude! ! ! 5. Time to enjoy: eat a big meal, a late movie tickets, even if the early morning turned into the bar ~ hardcore clubbing with her until she should speak to go home ...
answer jessie lake  Answered at 2011.06.02 01:08:21
The most popular series: 1. Doll hair. 80 out of fashion dolls, especially not the kind you buy in the street. Buy generic Nici's also because there is no shopping bags were exposed look, not so. 2. Cosmetics. Please do men buy their own cosmetics. Modern cosmetics industry has developed to the point where you can not imagine a great variety, do not blind buy. Also easy to see through seduced by beautiful BA. 3. Trainers. After the acceptance opening 80, but on Valentine's Day a day like this, please do not even cover what the performance needs of such a blatant, annoying. 4. Cheap chocolate. High-calorie chocolate, body weight load of food to eat so HEAVY I am afraid the girls running out. Supermarket to buy, inexpensive to more forget it, I know Dove is a brand usually eat pretty good, but you seriously when Valentine's Day chocolate gifts, then forget it ... ... 5. Regardless of occasions to send flowers. Do not wear a white suit for the innocent-like station blocks. Even if such a referendum on Valentine's day and do not appear hypocritical and early 90's courtship scene. The soil acts directly dragged out and buried on, come on ~
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