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How to choose cabinet door hinge

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Reb Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:56:16
How to choose cabinet door hinge
answer Anne ChurchillChu  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:56:16
Speaking of kitchen hardware, renovated kitchen, "from people" surely can be said on a purchase history. Although usually hidden in the kitchen cabinet hardware, the pressure in the cabinet, look very much, in fact, they willingly leaves the kitchen but an important supporting role, there is no quality kitchen hardware, home kitchen, but will be separated from Sancha Five seek "strike". With the market growing types of kitchen hardware, kitchen hardware price and quality naturally varies, and exactly how to choose kitchen hardware to do their own satisfaction? Cabinet hinges, cabinet door and the cabinet is to connect the connection cabinet hardware, both to support the live weight of all the cabinet doors, but also withstood numerous tests of switch cabinet door. We can say that it is in the kitchen was the most important hardware. From the hinge used in the way of the opening and closing the door on the point of view, the general point card position two and three hinge points card bit the same time, there are multi-point positioning hinge. The so-called multi-point positioning, meaning the door is opened when you can stop at any point, open not effort, it will not suddenly turn off, thus ensuring the safety of use, it is very suitable for use in flip-up doors on. Up to tens of thousands of times the number of door switches, door hinge on the merits, it is extremely important. Practice has proved that, according to the nature and use of cabinets arranged in the accuracy of the door, with doors own weight, and domestic cabinet hinge is difficult to achieve the necessary quality requirements, so often there will be laughter, gaps are too big situation, and the world high-quality brands are not the same. Good quality hinge performance, the steel thickness, flexibility, good corrosion resistance, high base, arm length, random orientation without displacement, open and close freely when in use, no noise, can stand on the switch million without deformation damage. Such as Germany, "Hettich" quick hinge. In the destructive experiment, 10cm away from the hinge on the door at 5 kg load, the switch for 3 seconds / time, open life of up to 80,000 times. The hinge does not require any tools to disassemble the door to their own, and rapid recovery, to ensure consistency with the demolition of the former. Called hinge hinge connecting the main enclosure and door components, cabinets use in peacetime, is the most tested hinge. Common cabinet opening angle is 90 degrees, turned at right angles to form. Hardware must be able to adapt to the wet kitchen, smoke more, and many other factors, it is good or bad for the normal use of cabinets and life critical. To be tested is that most hinge, it is not only accurate to the cabinet and the door link up, but also to bear alone the weight of the door and the door must be ordered to maintain the consistency of the same, or a period of time, there will be loose. The drawer in the design, the most important accessory is the slide, due to special circumstances of the kitchen, even if low-quality short-term feel-good slide, push and pull a little longer you will find difficult phenomenon. A product in terms of any particular product is great, service is very important. Consumers in order cabinet be sure to ask when the product warranty and other issues.
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