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Does the concept of urban planning in the planning, conceptual design is what?

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:47:45
Does the concept of urban planning in the planning, conceptual design is what? Can not specifically tell me a little?
answer lisa green  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:47:45
Conceptual design development process of art by the ideology of art formed the concept of design patterns, some scholars have different identity and opinion, as people ideology and scientific and technological development, from conceptual art of design, and constantly been quoted in various fields, and its ideological motivation, form and content of innovation and leading the way to promote research and application in various fields and achieved a positive role. Concept art for the design of the method used, the first is to solve its design purpose, those were way to complex process that can express the inner meaning of the concept of the philosophy of art. Urban planning, environmental art, finance, materials, engineering, education, lifestyle - conceptual design and other aspects of the case. Originated in the sixties of the 20th century pioneer of conceptual art movement, developed to show its internal elements, one including the structural elements of the structure of the artistic traditions of modern painting and sculpture. Each element of art as equal components. Original, cohesive and strong. The second "abstract restore art" of thought, art to deconstruct the traditional type of material. Received the elements of visual challenges, the growing importance of writing. The third series of the twentieth century through the beginning of the artistic reflection of the information age. Fourth effect on the layout, how to convey ideas. Fusion works with the surrounding built environment, and promote unity. Inner continuity of critical substance. Conceptual design freed from the form. The importance of meaningful work. Different people will understand the different ways the same piece. A work can have hundreds of different forms. Name, all art is dependent on the structure and built the first purchase of traditional rules. Presented in the form of art forms of conceptual design, summarizes the design of the required conditions, it can be said that the concept of design principles, because it is engaged in the design should follow certain principles, or traditional, or modern, or postmodern, or composition, or the emphasis on strict form, or the performance of novel and unique, or three-dimensional real, or dynamic. These design principles and forms created out of the varied, changing the visual image of the infinite world. Conceptual design method is introduced to the concept of packaging design, packaging design, we should as one of the most richest, most profound, the most avant-garde, the most representative of the level of technological development and design of the packaging to be treated, expressed in the concept of packaging it from the rich features, storage, display , marketing, structure, materials, technology, decoration, packaging design is the concept of research, testing, performance in all aspects; he needs to involve extensive relevant content mining situation and the objectives required the theme, so that evidence- Ke Yi's design, refining the concept of themes, in-depth development, making the design of considerable depth, showing today's most cutting-edge design ideas and design level, but also need to meet the level of technological development, designed to bring relevant technical issues to promote the common development of related industries. The value of packaging design is the concept of development, cutting-edge market and operational capacity to grasp and guide the consumer to enjoy, use and life changes, social significance as the largest issue, and shows the designer's responsibility. From the conceptual design level, we can see that the theoretical structure of the concept of packaging design is to demonstrate the scientific and technological strength and convey the latest design concept, and the most artistic, the most attractive and represent the forefront of packaging design, packaging design-led development trend. Both packaging design concept art, there are scientific, they represent different levels in the design. Constitute the overall packaging design concepts. The concept of packaging and packaging design concept of the relationship between the innovation-based packaging to test-based, future-oriented design disciplines required. So we either in theory or in practice, should be a conceptual design as a form of packaging design to deal with: in the current society, the design theory of the studies have not only a discipline in-depth analysis, but should be more species concept of interdisciplinary integration. The concept of packaging design activity as a design system to look at, it is not only a simple form to meet the new design and design patterns to stimulate the senses need to represent, and the concept of the meaning of which is the concept of modern designers during the design must master. Conceptual design of social development, scientific and technological progress, improve living needs, then the conceptual design can be said to include all of the design to meet the needs of the design must follow the rules? All aspects of conceptual design, design concepts formed the design can include all. In general, there are many art forms of conceptual design, design elements of composition, is designed based on the application of different levels of design concepts, so that an integral part of the design can be divided into three areas. First, the concept of the effectiveness of aspects of packaging design, packaging design is the technical foundation, the main design elements that contains the material carriers, it has the basic functionality, based on the characteristics of volatility efforts to meet new needs. Such as various packaging design should have the function - carrying goods, protection of goods, storage and transportation of goods, sale of goods the ability to place and consumer packaging products in the use of consumer behavior, are involved in the concept of packaging, the level design to form an independent research system; Second, the concept of the visual aspects of packaging design, packaging design is the concept of form
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