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Buy real estate

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Anne ChurchillChu 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:42:45
Why do many of your existing home prices Loan words are not most of them are returned to the country and bank interest money?
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:42:45
Advantages and disadvantages, see the needs of home buyers decide which one is better. 1. inexpensive, optional large room. However, we have to wait a long time to stay, do not know how the quality of housing, credit to developers do not know how well the property in the future management and, if submitted to a stay, there will be a lot of matching is not perfect place. If you have two hands the money, but also to children to live, buy a good 2.. of existing homes advantage is that seeing is believing, the housing can be Kangezixi each fall, what kind of support can also began to take shape. but the price is high, optional small room. because people are basically left to pick, so units and the floor is not good. Similarly, the property will not know how well management, and, facing the same problem matching is not very sound. if you just waiting to live it, to give the money can , finished two months of renovation to be lived. 3. second-hand housing, optional room for the entire city, or that the agency knew the whole story. than the local price in the sale of real estate to be cheap, but not necessarily Oh. You can also see their community the level of property management, may consult the neighbors. You can also see the surrounding traffic and facilities. However, many second-hand housing to the tax, the seller is not out, all transferred to the buyer. you buy second-hand housing, than when you had to buy a lot of people, psychology to bear some pressure. Also, a shorter useful life for several years. units may be outdated and clumsy to use, interior decoration, maybe you do not like it. There are telephone, water, gas, heating costs, property costs, cable name change issue, which several charges which might have, so after buying your house, and have a family, there are no buyers into the phenomenon. second-hand house there are many professional, I suggest you find an intermediary cooperation, its all else fails. second-hand housing is not limited to, whether there is no room, if anxious to live in, you can choose second-hand housing. purchase loans in the interest of the loans owned by Banking income
lucysimpson34 Answered at 2014.02.24 14:01:00
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cyberthum Answered at 2019.03.01 03:29:36
Bhutani Cyberthumis using best quality raw material. Some of the fittings have been imported from Europe. Investments Start @ 32.76 Lakh* The project is going to be top class. It will be quite exotic with foreign like looks.Contact : +91 8010 272 272
samridhi03 Answered at 2019.05.06 01:23:03
Samridhi Group - the well known real estate developer is ready with its prestigious luxury homes project which goes by the name of Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue. It offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury apartments at Sector 150 in Noida ranging from 1165 sq. ft.

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