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Planning? How to do the planning? Planning to do that work?

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:16:42
I was an idiot in this area, do not know much, but please help, appreciate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
answer lisa green  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:16:42
:: Ideas, creativity and planning ::--------------------- Posted by: old rifle Posted: 2001-6-28 12:05:06 In this dominate the market with quite a mixed bag full of restless era, we suddenly found that more than the market called the plan a career. Seven or eight years ago, businessmen from Hong Kong had on my business card pointing to the "planners" the words, speaking in half-baked Mandarin asked me: What is the duty planner? I thought, and then told him: certainly not the general manager. He Sidongfeidong of nodded and said to himself: Hong Kong only "plan," heard "planners." I said: This is due to our national conditions. Do you know even the toilets have now formed a complete set of "toilet culture", "plan" into a "planner," it not normal? That being said, my heart is not free from anxiety. After all, scholarship, regardless of the depth extent, at least the attitude of rigorous study is essential. So read very carefully about the titles, duties in the material, did not find "Planners" one said. I find it strange, business with economists, does agriculture division, there are engineers, industry, academic with teachers, lecturers, and why not have a planner planning it? A planner, the first concept can not be wrong, or will be held in infamy and laughable. Business card so he arbitrarily changed the duties of curator. Still later, the addition of my business card "free" word, obviously, this only shows that I lost my job. Even today, the ideas, creativity and planning at the conceptual differences have been confused by many people. Sometimes it will give us practice in planning to bring many kinds of trouble. For example: Customers will often tell me: old rifle, we think of a way to help it. This involves the concept of the problem. What they really need it? Do not understand this issue, will be sudden, a lot of jokes, but also often a thankless task. The so-called ideas that moment of inspiration, it has a strong chance and the unexpected. For example: I went home to eat eight ounces of gold Grinding meal, so think, for the rice in Shenzhen has not, and if the business is estimated to open a good restaurant ext. This is the idea. I am in the whole production process, adding some things into the food culture, while maintaining the original taste of the plus points on the basis of special things, so that it increase the number of selling points, is called creativity. Planning what is it? Planning is when we decided to create such a food store, from site selection, decor, pricing, target customers, marketing strategies, service standards, cost accounting, risk prediction, feedback and modification of planning a series of strategies aimed at business profit, but to shop is the means to achieve this goal. Therefore, planning in the business role in the more extensive and more comprehensive. Simply speaking, the ideas, creativity and planning, is the point, line, surface relationship. This, we must be clear, on the one hand will give their own planning activities in the future have a clear concept. On the other hand, it can help customers figure out the differences on this concept, thus avoiding the wrong conditions, thankless phenomenon continues to deteriorate. Of course, this is worth mentioning that some of us who called the plan, in order to collect more ignorance of the costs customers exaggerated, stunned is planning to price out of ideas, then Luanchui a pass, which is essentially a lie, This practice is shameful. Although I can understand, but never agreed. Auburn Tigers old rifle 2001-6-28
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