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Milk diarrhea, nutrition, there is no absorption?

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lisa green 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:02:11

answer joy Green  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:02:11
Milk consumption has become in modern life, an important part in nutrition, taste and function and so has received public recognition. However, drinking milk must also note the following: First, exposure to light of the fresh milk, due to sun exposure causes the loss of milk in the vitamin A and B. Frozen milk, milk cool class grainy taste will also significantly decreased. High-temperature cooking of milk and milk heated twice, in which the protein content by the sol state to gel state, resulting in deposition appeared to reduce the nutritional value. Second, drink milk method is also very important, why a lot of people drink milk to diarrhea. In fact, this is a problem with the way to drink milk. Mouth to drink the milk should be as small as possible, so that the milk in the mouth, mixing with saliva. If breathing to drink milk, milk directly into the stomach will react with acidic substances, milk protein and fat will form a block, then do not digest. Some gastrointestinal weak people, there will be symptoms of diarrhea and discomfort. Third, many substances can not milk and drinking milk, should not drink tea at the same time, because the tannic acid in tea will prevent the absorption of calcium in milk, milk, and then send a useful medication, will hinder the potency of drugs to play, so that drugs can not fully play a therapeutic role. Fourth, avoid patients after gastrointestinal surgery to drink milk, because milk's lactic acid fermentation will produce gas, increase flatulence, which is not conducive to surgical wound healing. In summary, milk is good, but also pay attention to drinking taboo. The milk to fully exert their effects. Reference:
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