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Low permeability reservoirs dug the "golden" look for another million tons of oil annual production methods

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.15 23:24:46
Low permeability reservoirs dug the "golden" look for another method of annual output of one million tons oil fields in China Daqing, Shengli and other old oil fields to actively seek new replacement block, and technological innovation through new understanding never involved in the field to the original, including deep excavation . The new technology has entered the oil fields, and rapid promotion. Only one purpose, to find oil. Tertiary oil recovery technology, as an old oil field an effective means of enhanced oil recovery technology has been gradually accepted by people. At present, the routine of the more common high-permeability reservoirs to improve oil recovery technologies: (ASP) polymer flooding system, the national oil EOR polymer consumes nearly 10 million tons, nearly 10 million active agent additives tons, the entire pharmaceutical market of 3.0 billion years. Through the implementation of the technology, the country appears 2 200 million a considerable production capacity in oil production plant. Low permeability reservoir of heavy oil blocks and ways to enhance oil recovery are: steam heat stimulation, surfactant flooding, microbial flooding, nitrogen flooding and so on. Despite some achievements, but in low permeability reservoirs and other special effects are still not very clear. Currently, there is not very successful three blocks of low permeability mature mining continued implementation of the project. According to statistics, China to be used for low permeability and let in proved reserves by nearly 40 million tons, accounting for 60-70% of proven reserves. Low permeability, low permeability oil fields, the reservoir and fluid properties of the difference, under normal circumstances, an oil field and the secondary oil recovery by only 30% recovery of crude oil underground in about 70% of the oil remaining in reservoirs , in the past few decades, people have been looking for an effective and appropriate cost-effective than enhanced oil recovery methods. Petroleum Technology Spirit oil production in the field of enzyme technology has breakthrough achievements in China's increasing oil has nearly 20 million tons. According to Prime cooperation with partners in the three types of low-permeability oil fields of Daqing Chaoyanggou single well stimulation experiments, single well fracturing effect results over the region, one tons of biological enzyme blocking agents increase yield more than 150 tons. Prime new biological and molecular enzyme flooding the upcoming film technology, SUN biological enzyme blocking agents increase flooding due to new technology, production scale, prices have been from the initial environmental enzymes Apollo 27 million / ton, 100 000 / ton increase domestic pharmaceutical biological enzyme blocking high prices, pulled a reasonable area, SUN-B enzyme drive the price of oil close to 3 million. After University of Petroleum demonstration effect of flooding increase over foreign biological enzyme blocking agent. Spirit of petroleum technology experts: 30,000 yuan invested pharmaceutical enzyme yield by a similar treatment as the reservoir of Daqing Chaoyanggou oil wells can produce 100 tons of oil. The throughput and the displacement process is very simple, considering various factors, including, in the current basis, increased 10 points in the recovery area. If the regional implementation in the following industry operations, each displacing agent enzyme into 3 to 5 million, the output of nearly 100 million tons of crude oil. That is, find a new 100 tons of oil. The technology is very feasible and workable, broad market prospects. Currently, the Spirit of oil technology company is actively looking for opportunities for the technology as soon as possible co-operation with the oil, so as to contribute to China's oil industry.
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.15 23:24:46
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