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How does alcohol show up on blood test results?

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lucy liu 
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answer Andrew Brown  Answered at 2011.05.15 23:24:07
Blood alcohol content is measured to obtain information for medical or legal purposes, including whether a person recently consumed alcohol or was driving under the influence of it. Alcohol shows up in blood test results as Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC.How It's DoneBlood tests measure the amount of alcohol in a particular blood sample against the total volume of blood. This is expressed as a percentage, such as 0.2% BAC at a relatively low concentration or .15% for an extremely high level of blood alcohol.Time FrameThe presence of alcohol can be detected in your blood as soon as 30 to 70 minutes after you have had a drink. Blood alcohol concentration increases with each additional drink and remains detectable anywhere from 3 to 10 hours after you have had your last drink.ConsiderationsThe same amount of alcohol produces different levels of BAC in different people. Blood alcohol concentration varies depending on your gender, weight and whether you had food in your stomach while you were drinking.MisconceptionsThe type of alcohol you drink does not affect blood alcohol concentration. Each of the following drinks contains approximately .54 ounces of alcohol: One 5-ounce glass of wine; one 12-ounce beer; and one shot of distilled liquor, such as whiskey.Other DrugsDrugs other than alcohol, or medications you may be taking, show up separately on blood test results. These other drugs will not increase your blood alcohol concentration, but they may add to any impairment you are experiencing from alcohol, such as an inability to drive safely.
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