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[Display] display meaning: clothing terminal display combat skills

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Asked at 2011.05.15 21:06:10
[Display] display meaning: clothing terminal display combat skills
answer Wendy Zhu  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:06:10
[Display] display meaning: clothing apparel display terminal display an overview of practical skills and status are in the apparel industry we often hear the "display" the word, the major newspapers and magazines are also frequently the media reports related content, apparel companies have also In heavily recruiting this talent. However, this field may not be so at first fire, many people early access to my card, are shocked: "Your job is to do what?" When I explained patiently finished, they say, was originally put clothes Oh, I can only smile and response; people will want clothing itself is very simple, but also to display what? Some can simply hang out, these ideas early in the understanding of the domestic apparel industry. When later I was doing the client terminal project, found that many employers have attached great importance to display clothing, and often asked the Master: "how to do this kind of display?"; Also see the sales charge is not good, is often the first display of a review What went wrong? Clothing companies are now popular position is the supervision of recruitment, and job responsibilities is to supervise the terminal display maintenance. Above are often talked about clothing, personal experience may also be seen on display at the end we all recognize the importance of management work. But people understand the true meaning of the display of how much? We do not say 100% understand the development of the field because it is endless infinity, with the development of the times change. Moreover, the rise of its origin not in China, its history in the country was too short, like "suit" as the term is a foreign product. So we have been in research, the greater its potential significance of mining. Our domestic status quo is not a university first opened earlier this professional discipline, professional display design more difficult to find teachers in China, so many brands currently on display was designed by the creative and artistic designer to complete, display hand (store long or display staff) as an implementation role, then the manager came to check, such as G2000, U2 is one such operation. a good display of rare talent indeed, not only well aware of the brand, but also to clear the product positioning, grasp the transformation of fashion, the understanding of environmental modeling. So comprehensive ability of the designer dress on display very demanding. display is indeed the secret of many, and very mysterious, I have tried within a store hanging clothes different locations [TOP] different results, and produce different sales; as a body and clothes worn in the models in the absence of attention to the difference between the corners can be big; also showcase customer always comes to those who love beautiful The attractive restaurant, with beautiful color and trend of the pictures can stimulate their attention. These phenomena is the display can bring. The display is indeed a complex professional disciplines, because it is design, image planning, space planning, aesthetics, color science, Sales, Marketing, visual psychology, human engineering, optics, environmental science have a relationship , so also was known within the industry with high knowledge, high-tech, high-threshold industries. The significance of merchandising: What is the definition of display? Defined as the visual display is a technique of expression. Use all kinds of props, combined with fashion culture and product positioning, using a variety of display techniques will be shown the characteristics of goods. Display to display with the purpose of display methods, and shopping patterns vary. Display of goods can play a reasonable display of goods, enhance brand image, brand name building atmosphere and improve the role of brand sales, which are its basic meaning. 1, showing the display of goods outside the United States in terms of clothing the most outstanding, the display effect is very easy to reflect. A high-end fashion, if it is free to hang on racks in general, and its high-end to not be brought, the customer may disdain. If it is "wearing" the body in the model, with spotlights shining, which together with other background, decoration, and its elegant style, fine workmanship is very clearly presented in front of customers, customers can easily moved by . 2, enhance brand image. Merchandise display: free advertising we all know, sales of products on display is the last chance to bring one of the terminal, the survey showed that: the customer 87% of the final decision to buy depends on the product and the prominent display of science degree. The product display is the cheapest, most basic form of marketing. It does not require you to invest a lot of cost (even free), you only need to get down to re-examine the characteristics of your business products, consumer buying habits, and products from the aesthetic point of view of artistic display processing to possible to obtain greater efficiency. Good display of goods can not only facilitate, stimulate customers to buy, but also to improve their products and brand image. 3, creating an atmosphere that we know of a store brand whole atmosphere include: window dressing, display of goods on display, light, color matching, POP, which form a key element in the atmosphere of a good shop. For example: clothing product itself can not speak, but we can use the display means, the plastic arts and lights up to let live, a casual wear brand, the use of dynamic models of leisure, jumping and dynamic surfboard also brightly colored clothing colors constitute a young summer fun at the beach surfing scene, this show lively and interesting to the consumer association to provide an immersive space. 4, can improve the sales of "good display and poor display, on sales of at least 100% or more", which is one of many brands and businesses attach great importance to product display one of the reasons, merchandise display can cause consumers to buy For and to promote its own purchases. According to statistics, if properly store the configuration and display using commodity technologies can be based on the original sales increased by 10%. I have a display for a women's program, but simply a shop front area into the red and black with purple, the results the same day to sell six pieces in this area. This is just a small and subtle changes, but for the commodities and the terminal for the change can not be ignored or even extreme importance. But the display also according to days, times, places, people of various factors into account, the display can achieve the desired results. In addition, a larger sense I think the display: 1, increase the added value of goods to make your product value-added, higher corporate profits and enhance their competitiveness occupy more market share. 2, the lifestyle changes for the target consumer group level, to enhance visual display products, can lead the customer shopping, and influence and enhance the aesthetic level consumers, and lead to consumption and lifestyle changes. 3, maintaining the credibility of business is conducive to safeguarding the credibility of enterprises and improve the credibility of goods, so that consumers receptive to a variety of information products to enhance the impression of goods, increasing the opportunity to purchase, a potential profit. Easy to make consumers trust the brand identity and a sense of, from the surface to enhance corporate visibility. This post has been edited supered at 2007-06-18 11:47:50
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