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EU textile export quotas will be "lifted" Jiangsu business rational view

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Tommy Fan 
Asked at 2011.05.15 21:05:17
EU textile export quotas will be "lifted" Jiangsu business rational view
answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:05:17
EU textile export quotas will be "lifted" a rational view of Jiangsu enterprises (Source: China Daily)?ee more exciting information from January 1 next year, my 8 categories of textile exports to the EU lifting of quantitative restrictions. The news, for a textile exporter in Jiangsu province is undoubtedly a big "good." However, the interview, the reporter felt that the enterprises in Jiangsu Province which did not seem enthusiastic, impulsive, it is more rational. China now has 10 categories of textile exports to the EU are subject to bilateral volume management, enterprises must export performance over the previous year to China by Commerce Department export license. Under the "Memorandum of Understanding on China-EU textile trade" provisions, which limit the number of the end of this year to establish a bilateral monitoring system, will be one of the eight categories into the monitoring system. The Chinese government will carry out a one-year export licenses, and implementation of business intelligence access, but no quantitative restrictions. Jiangsu Sainty just back shares of Fair deputy general manager, said Cao Xiaojian, the news was released during the Fair, they negotiate with the EU and abroad, closing in, have not been a big impact. The foreign trade of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Department is responsible for people's assessment is that "Overall, the new policy for the textile exports a relatively relaxed environment, but also increase the 'predictability'." EU textile and garment export in Jiangsu Province is one of the major markets this year, from January to September, total exports of Jiangsu Province, 3.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 27.3%. Can be said that Jiangsu's textile exports to the EU to maintain a healthy and stable growth, elimination of quantitative restrictions on exports will have a certain role. Of the "New Deal" is more promising is that some small foreign companies and export production enterprises. Yang Jun is the head of a private foreign company. He said the original textile products exports to the EU have to adjust the quota of two percent or so, spending money to buy export targets from the hands of others, this higher than your four or five times the cost of the tender agreement. Abolition of quantitative restrictions in the future, you can save this "money wasted." Insiders analysis, there are some commonly known as the export of "diving goods" that the re-export enterprises, but also look forward to the "New Deal" to bring tangible benefits. The company first product shipped to Dubai, Mauritius, the Philippines and other non-regional restrictions, and from there exports to the EU, so that you can avoid the no license restrictions. However, clearly increased the re-transportation, storage and other expenses. The removal of quantitative restrictions, which means that these enterprises do not have to "Quxianjiuguo" do not have to re-cost expenses. It is for this consideration, there have been some companies to stop the re-export business, were set aside for direct export. Experts remind that the abolition of quantitative restrictions on exports is not really absolutely nothing. Government departments will have a bilateral monitoring system, the number appears in the export of non-intervention when the normal growth, while export enterprises in China has also set up on a certain threshold, including registration Ziben 50 million, annual export volume of $ 10,000, is the general taxpayer must , there is no violation records, and so on. Cao Xiaojian believes that the policy adjustment, 8 categories of textile exports may be quite different. Sheets, dresses, blouses and other five categories of the number of tight, "New Deal" after the export of uncertainty, while the other three categories of export quantity index has a surplus of indicators such as T shirt 600 million this year, pants are 400 million, the EU's total population is over 500 million, removal of quantitative restrictions would not lead to large fluctuations in exports. Nevertheless, experienced two years ago just after the opening show of textiles export quota blowout of Jiangsu Province, is to remind the business stakeholders, the number after the lift to maintain a reasonable growth rate should be, must not rush to "run the amount of" price war. Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Department said that while EU trade policy continues to adjust, but the trade will not stop the game. In fact, the EU's health and environmental standards are becoming increasingly high, anti-dumping and other "trump card" is also frequently used. Our business should be to focus on improving product technology content, the creation of independent brands and so on. A suit to sell four or five euros, a shirt only sell twelve euros, the former not the quota, while the latter should be restricted. Therefore, the foreign trade enterprises can not export their future on the number of Competition. More supply of fabric, yarn, fiber, felt, textile machinery, textile materials, non-woven textiles and other information on more buy fabric, yarn, fiber, felt, textile machinery, textile materials, and other non-woven fabric Quick access to textile and textile information forum for their views Cai Fuzhi active irrigation of this post has been edited on 2007-10-24 17:14:41
bondsally Answered at 2021.07.06 07:56:43
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