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I use my actions to win back to one point, Long sweater credibility .....

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:30:17
I use my actions to win back to one point, Long sweater credibility .....
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:30:17
I use my actions to win back to one point, Long sweater credibility ..... posts by dgbbly000 editor at 2010-1-4 20:43 I use my actions to win back to one point, Long sweater reputation ... baby antelope, I have been more concerned about their children are engaged in sweater industry (I mainly engaged in production and sales of children's clothing sweaters) This piece, which also often walk to look at the major Fashion Forum, the purpose of it, one would like to enjoy all the Friends published postings, ideas or feelings to share lessons learned, the other also would like to see if we can add interaction through Huitie forum to find potential buyers clothing, huh, huh. Of course, pay special attention to the Friends of Long wrote about the feelings and experiences to take sweaters (as long as you will find hard close look at the Friends will find many hours after Huitie experienced with what he had to be a general description) . So, I have sweater this area is to see more complaints sweater Long post, as one friend said, Long sweaters, became the topic forever. Is his own, also took stock in the Long became one of the victims. Yesterday, friends chatted for a while and a play, and he said Canada Lang never getting goods, and friends, then let me think, Dalang's sweater, which should not be beat him to death? As a professional production of high-end children's clothing sweaters manufacturers, baby antelope has been that sweater Long can not have the advantage over other cities. After all, is the wool industry in Dongguan city in the most concentrated, where large and small gathered Knitwear Factory. Business operations except the sale of inventory sweater, its integrity, credibility and other issues have to vary, after all, everyone has every idea or view, not the same values and pursue different goals, methods or measures so as to appear because some businesses do not Long operating integrity, cheating customers, and many other negative issues, indirectly affected, Long was awarded the "town of the famous sweater," the honorary title, to touch Long black. To us later in the sweater industry, Long single-minded integrity management sweater wholesale merchants who brought pressure to make our operations more difficult, because thinking about how to allow customers to accept that although Long did in the production, wholesale business However, long-term trust worthy businesses (pre-Long bad about being around friends who saw the information may be from the large Long lost to a sense of trust, or say like with all businesses, Long has a working relationship or other). Long may also be some of the sweaters have been cheated operators sad place, perhaps we should also reflect on their own, or maybe the business received deceive the faithful in a more rational approach to analyze the view of Long. Baby antelope in the wool industry since 1996, from the use of materials, production, packaging, sales concluded after ten years of experience, has a market long-term practical experience, has formed an effective business model and scientific operation of the program, persist today reputation, building tomorrow's market, a day after the profits. Everything has a starting point, the service no end. The principle of good faith is my business, careful management, heart care, heart treatment is the slogan with the requirements of my business, I worked with each client's evaluation are just fine for me, this is not Every potter praises his own pot, and said The only truth is the truth, I believe many of my friends came to Long, or perhaps many of them have not. Long is accused of blindly sweater is garbage, and Long is not fair, but also on the back of the sweater industry, Long in the good faith management business is not fair. Admittedly, a lot of refurbished goods, Dalang and defective products, the price for a half a point it is really the right phrase, so there are bargains at the same time must also be real fine. Long sweaters and wholesalers in the co-operation, maybe you could not polish his own eyes, or believe in the propaganda business unrealistic, but I personally think that this sin, it seems that should not be attributed to the Long sweater body. Shortly before I saw the Southern Metropolis Daily article about the Long understanding of Dialectical Reason article entitled something like: do, "Wan" about: Long sweaters wish you both the "big" and "Long" in this article, I carefully read the author's analysis, that speak quite the reason, at least of some friends have not been particularly Zengyin Long sweaters are not honest business friends who cheated as extreme as one-sided, and friends may wish to carefully search look. I just want to use the inside of the last sentence summary about the words: "Long sweater, I hope you truly, the industry to do the" big "and do things that" Long ", woven sweaters out of the good care of people, help us morals through the winter under the economic crisis. "baby antelope is also to say to yourself:" I will use in their own way to win business customers on Long trust me, more like through their own efforts to win back once Long sweater sad and disappointed friends who had the trust and support of large businesses to re-recognize the integrity of Long (Long did not rule out there are not honest business, but at least I will make sure to do their own credit management, careful management, thus one less bad faith, can be considered for a little bit, Long made a small contribution to it).
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