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Do your best, is the greatest success! (Original)

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joy Green 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:15:31
The recent case of Hangzhou, the rich kids spoiled rich kid racing butt onto the cusp. How often the Internet to see rich kids show off their wealth, driving expensive sports cars and drag racing ... a collective ... always a lot of negative news, but I do not to care. Because their lives may be too far away from us, we just struggle for survival of ordinary people, we do not show off. A promising young college students in the rich kids happy racing lost their lives, and have lost a bright future, it can not help but sad. Life and who are noble, are dignified. Let us not think about these heartbreaking things, just to talk about what is success? We all envy those successful people are willing to listen to their success stories, whether upstart promoting or learned Ye Hao, if successful, will give people a Yang Zhi. Our daily struggle is also looking forward to the day's success. Successful people have been deified. Once successful, could have been ugly all masked. Some of me there are some success, despite the wealthy class and a lot worse than them, but can also be called rich. Outsiders looking at their life is not so glorious imagination, dazzling. Rather than the happiness of those of us ordinary people have even less. Because of money, a lot of family breakdown; for money, many children do not live up to expectations, these bosses everyday life in entertainment and wine on the table, which also thought parenting, thrown into the school or send their children abroad, children Education is watching the money grow. This life is regarded as successful? I do not agree. I have always felt a person can not just use money to measure success, the meaning of success too much. Money can only represent one aspect of success. The quality of life, social responsibility, family happiness, children's education ... ... these requirements may be too harsh, but a truly successful person will not be home ruined and the outside scenery unlimited. Success and happiness in many ways, is a subjective concept, the feeling of everyone, the key depends on each person's different mentality and different pursuits. In fact, our society is pluralistic, diverse life is the pursuit of so-called success should also be varied. Different people have different success criteria are not comparable among them. It is important to know, otherwise, if the total holding their own shortcomings and advantages over others, even if you are a leader in one respect, you do not have a strong sense of accomplishment, you will always feel like a loser . Therefore, everyone should have their own pursuit of life, have their own success criteria, and will set the highest standards of success criteria and minimum standards, each is a success beyond the minimum standards, and then set new minimum standards, to continue efforts. So, the accumulation of success, time and experience, continue to accumulate confidence, positive minor merits as a great merit. This pursuit is full, is happy, is full of a sense of accomplishment. Real success takes many forms and ways, I think through the efforts of the cake with a career, a harmonious family, can make their own satisfaction and pleasure, to achieve this purpose is a true success. While the success of others need to appreciate, more importantly, should learn to enjoy their success, though not earth-shattering success, as long as the self-identification is sufficient. Do your best, is the greatest success. Do not take success seriously!
answer William Smith  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:15:31
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