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Key to success for paint analysis Dynasty (daily control) original

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bozi zhang 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:09:09
Each winner has their own unique charm, as we paint what Dynasty general, even the illiterate can also create their own myth. Some people may be curious about, is not the process must be created before they can succeed? After several ups and downs of failure and success is the result? Indeed, today's results, but also tomorrow's process; countless results, form a magnificent process. Since ancient times, numerous fables tell us the secret of success: only choose the right direction, process persistence; the same time, work within our capabilities, but more importantly to be able to capitalize on the trend, at any time adjust and change their order from the growth process, to mature towards success! In order to see more Touqie successfully analyzed into several main points: First: to work hard to strive for in the end the spirit of hard work. Second: identify yourself, choose the right direction, road further away shaking afraid, go always good to see the light. Third: the road to success, it must be good at finding traps and avoid the pitfalls. Does not fall out the sky, but on the ground often trap. Fourth: good use of their strengths and play to correct shortcomings than advantages, more likely to succeed. Fifth: integration of resources, to grasp the essence in order to improve efficiency. Sixth: The biggest enemy of success is the lack of control over their emotions, can not bear to small is a great ship. Therefore, we must find a suitable way of their decompression. Seventh: the power of good use of competitors. Success requires friends, more success requires enemies. Please controlled daily, when her suddenly feel helpless, messy direction, or when weak, etc. ** change, in short, to constantly remind ourselves that the way of the future can be clearly seen, walked more determined!
answer lily green  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:09:09
Landlord said Yes, as long as the right direction, persist in the end is victory!
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