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word of mouth marketing success depends on details

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Benjamin Lane 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:01:43
There is a proverb in Russia: "dress is the best radio station." The point is, seeing is believing, word of mouth between people is the most effective means of propaganda. Data show that 80% of consumers trust word of mouth, more than any other source of information. And once word of mouth marketing links to the Internet, can transcend time and space, beyond the scope of acquaintances to spread the circle of communication between strangers sharing the possible spread of word of mouth still maintaining high reliability characteristics. This is a cheap and effective marketing methods to promote significant. 1, word of mouth marketing is the field attentive premeditated plan which is not absolute, many products or companies rely on brand strength to achieve word of mouth, this is the scope of brand marketing, while for word of mouth marketing, this is a new company hopes to send low-cost, high way the virus spread quickly won a field means. As for Google, Apple this company as an example if someone is in their mouth, that they are also a kind of word of mouth publicity. From a marketing point of view, the traditional master of business a lot of behind the scenes, they are doing a lot of word of mouth and we call a relationship back to the Internet, the truth is the same. Different channels, different strategy, but the idea is the same, word of mouth marketing is out. 2, the transmission by the user, the marketing on their own, the details determine success or failure of the difficulty of the absolute word of mouth marketing than most of the marketing model, because the middle of too many subtle details involved, point is: n n word of mouth carefully planned topics of opinion leaders strength assessment evaluation of communication carriers n n the spread of opinion leaders and key factors in the grasp of n nodes to track the spread of word of mouth Labyrinth, guidance and control every detail of n concerned about their influence consumer word of mouth, and sometimes not the product of the subject but some of the less subtle eye-catching, such as product model of clean, price tag mark the unification of the beauty of match display, distribution services, sound, etc., these minor omissions, but it can cause resentment consumers. More importantly, the resentment, brands it is difficult to hear, it is difficult to improve quickly and thoroughly, often substantially reduced sales, but do not know where is the root cause. According to market research company investigation concluded that only 4% of dissatisfied customers will have vendors submit their complaints, but there are 80% of dissatisfied customers will have their friends and relatives about a particular unpleasant experience. Therefore, Porsche sales the company developed a detailed regulations on the sales staff of conversation, manners, image, business establishments and other aspects of the detailed specifications and requirements, combined with award, the implementation of regulations implementing the penalty, as do a hundred secret no one about. Details determine success or failure in the economy, no longer around to find more details and do it, just wait out the market. Love is a prolonged media; love, always been talked about, spread through the ages. When our corporate information, brand information, product information, filling the composition of love, the power to generate word of mouth. Because there is love, so word of mouth will have a vitality. "People" power is infinite, and word of mouth marketing, because you, as there is love, will become more powerful! 4.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02009-5-22 07:59
answer anne lane  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:01:43
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