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How the lets everybody know me store with more extensive ability?

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Tony Blake 
Asked at 2011.05.11 21:08:35

answer Constantine Dodge  Answered at 2011.05.11 21:08:35
One, baby breed, amount wants much. Dare to spread money! Do not say more than 1000 kinds, at least 100 breed want ~ financing is sufficient be about to dare be done! Do not be afraid of sell do not go out capital of keep long in stock, the boldness of vision that poineering person is about to take out poineering person comes out. If at hand capital is insufficient sell the home newly, that is carried additionally be not talked. (when when your shop organic meeting is considered by Mai Jiaguang, if amount of the baby in inn is much, client choice space is large, clinch a deal rate can promote of course! Eg: If you are to sell a package, much breed of the design that include a package is whole, still be afraid of do not take a client) 2, baby quality is close friends the price wants material benefit! This is about to remind sell the home newly, have the eye of become reconciled of good supply of goods, so not far from the success ~ baby quality is good, admittedly important, but price factor is admittedly main also! Quality is good, but what the price cries is even taller than inn of imperial crown class, the result cans be imagined, have which goofy those who buy a meeting to buy your home east east I see ~ not ~ clinchs a deal leading is 0 dawn of course ~ so cheap and fine it is our novice those who sell the home to live is essential, if accomplished this a little bit, I believe to buy a meeting to care about you without which is inn of diamond class credit! 3, baby picture wants true, approach objective as far as possible. Do not advocate a picture too processing, the result wants than objective ten times more beautiful, what also do not pat is a lot of uglier than objective, if canned be imagined so, the which meeting after buying the home to see a picture likes, ah, those who pat is too good be no good, too ugly also be no good, it is clear that anyhow picture must film, the of effect Ye ~ that let a client if see in kind,see a picture 4, shop is decorated should expert simply let a person look comfortable! No matter you are common shop,still be explain bought flourishing store, want to present a client legibly decent and liberally, simply, in the store that lets a client walk into his, the culture that one kind is attracted is in within. What kind of merchant, the shop that can decorate a what kind of lasting appeal of course ~ needs at this o'clock to rely on a novice to sell the home people oneself go consider and be being experienced! 5, the manner that is in charge of seriously! ! This bit is very important, sell the home as the novice, want get the upper hand of, without a heart that is in charge of seriously, want to got glistening diamond to also do not talk about ~ each work that we handle ourselves should be in charge of seriously, be meticulous! Treat a client to want to be in charge of seriously! Serious ground has done his work! Do not let a client have the dissatisfaction of a bit! Aux would rather oneself eat a dot to have a deficit, also want to maintain the interest of good client
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