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Who can provide a multimedia player on the information in English

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lily green 
Asked at 2011.05.11 21:08:13
Interim Report to be submitted now, and asking many can not find information in English, so do not come out in English translation, ah, distress and problems ........ add: and the associated multimedia player on the line, word to 3000 words or more, ah, come on you, and if the answer in an additional 30 minutes is good ah! ! ! I did a design is based on VC + + multimedia player now engage in the design of information in English translation, and hey, really hard Zhaoya
answer Benjamin Lane  Answered at 2011.05.11 21:08:13
Multimedia Player is a multimedia technology into the inevitable product of real life, it is with traditional media carrier, such as television, tape recorders, compared with a flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features, which greatly enriched the culture of the people life. The development of multimedia player speed, variety, a dedicated audio player, and play streaming media network, the more support a variety of audio and video format Universal Player. This paper studies the existing variety of popular multimedia player, based on the multimedia users integrate the most frequently used functions, using VC.NET developed this multi-media player software. This multimedia player designed MiniPlayer MCI interface with audio and video playback, can play multiple audio and video file formats, including WAV, MID, AVI, MP3, MPEG, and has play, stop, open the file, fast forward , rewind and other functions. The player with the media player's common features, user-friendly interface, simple, run a small footprint, and open-source, with a strong expansion of capacity, the overall strong stability. Multimediaplayersmultimediatechnologyisappliedtoreallifeandtheinevitableproductofitsmulti-mediaandtraditionalcarriers, suchastelevision, comparedwithShouluJi, aflexible, highlyworkable, user-friendlyfeatures, itgreatlyenrichedthepeoplesculturalLife.Multimediaplayersoftherapiddevelopmentspeed, variety, aspecialbroadcastaudio, streamingmediabroadcastnetwork, moresupportmultipleaudio, videoformatofthecommonplayer.Basedonthestudyofexistingvarietyofpopularmultimediaplayersonthebasisofmultimediauserswillbethemostfrequentlyusedfunctionintegration, theuseVC.NETdevelopedanewmultimediaplayersoftware.Inthispaper, designedbymultimediaplayersMiniPlayerinterfacewithMCIsaudioandvideoplayer, canplaymultipleaudio, videofileformats, includingWAV, MID, AVI, MP3, MPEG, andaplayertostop, openthefile, Rewind, fastforward, andotherfunctions.Theplayerwiththepopularmediaplayerfunctions, friendlyandsimpleuserinterface, runningoccupationoflessresources, andopen-source, hasastrongcapacityexpansion, theoverallgreaterstability.
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