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Northeast of Beijing, the five permanent members of rice (Ice Brand) how sales of refined rice into the superm

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Joanna wood 
Asked at 2011.05.11 21:08:13
I am in Beijing, the five permanent members of Northeast sales of rice (Ice Brand) refined rice, the volume of foot. Quality. But just do not long since, not many tourists. Want to go to the supermarket. I ask how progress? Specific .. .. specific needs and wants into the supermarket sector to discuss the supermarket? There are some specific convenience. Beijing experts said there is more than the next person. Thank you! QQ: 331281887
answer anne lane  Answered at 2011.05.11 21:08:13
I am not in Beijing, but if you want to enter the store, first of all that he must have the general taxpayer, the VAT has been issued and the store can only be eligible for negotiations. Also: 1) product quality standards; 2) and grain group approached the supermarket; 3), slotting allowances and bar code fee negotiations; 4), such as business anniversary fees, festival fees, posters charges, normal wear and tear, special support, back end of the year Lee and other details of the payment reflected the contract form. 5) off period, the general merchandise brands in more than 30 days, I guess your goods in 60 days to 90 days. (The number of days you and the mall just finished off against the number of days after the end of paragraph, not the end section at, such as contract deadline for the 25 reconciliation, reconciliation day 10, then you can only last month against you 25th to send the goods before the details) in 60-90 days after the reconciliation statement section. If you find it troublesome, I suggest you do directly to dealers, so you can reduce the risk of financial precipitation and Yakuan. They can contact these relatively small supermarkets and grain stores. So take some.
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