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The administrative problem that place of business affairs of traditional business executive electron faces is

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.11 20:56:41
The administrative problem that place of business affairs of traditional business executive electron faces is analysed
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.05.11 20:56:41
Of electronic business affairs arisen posed a challenge to means of traditional business affairs and traditional business management. Regard the content that already existed in industrial society course of study as popular cause, below the big setting of information age, also want to undertake administrative the innovation of mode necessarily. One, the setting that content shedding management innovates is analysed (one) the serious content that content shedding is electronic business affairs, also be bottleneck at the same time place and activity of traditional business affairs are identical, this kind of business affairs form that the electron changes is in electronic business affairs trade there also are iformation flow, business shedding, capital shedding and content to flow in the process. This “ 4 shed ” to coordinate conformity each other, ensure effectively trading implementation. Content shedding regards business affairs process as medium important segment, loading raw material provider and product production business between, and the objective between businessman and client deserves to send a service, efficient content fluid department is to make advantage of electronic business affairs is able to fill those who divide play to assure. However, what shed main effect to form bright contrast with content is the lag that its oneself manages however, so that become,restrict the “ bottleneck ” that electronic business affairs develops. The content fluid that lacks corresponding rate fastens support, of electronic business affairs run efficiency to will be reduced greatly. Content shedding management already was become except the dispatches from foreign news agency that pays attestation, safety to keep secret child the problem that business affairs development solves urgently. “ manages administrative father ”PeterF. The contradiction that Drucker will not coordinate regards one of fountainhead of innovation. From the point of content shedding oneself, its lagged behind on certain level to create the difficult position that electronic business affairs expands, become the difficulty ” in flow of business affairs “ , content shedding manages old some mode to already cannot get used to new requirement, undertake innovation is the efficient way that settles this one contradiction undoubtedly administrative. (2) content of electronic business make sure sheds management to be faced with good luck and challenge to eliminate contradiction besides, the fountainhead of innovation still comes from the changes at industry and market. “ ” of the 4th industry? ? Of the Information Industry arisen it is one of symbols that industrial society enters information society. Industrial transition brought the change of the market, be in especially of electronic business affairs drive below, economic trade activity broke through the limitation with past time, space, turn into to connect the three-dimensional electron that is dominant to influence market of purchase and sale with iformation flow by 2 dimension market, trend of the internationalization of the market, globalization is strengthened. These raised taller requirement to content abortion course of study, below environment of electronic business affairs, hold to acute meaning to innovate only, ability answers the opportunity that external environment brings and challenge. (3) our country content sheds management business affairs of current situation electron is inchoative at the United States, before this one concept puts forward the content popularity course of study of American home has comparatived develop. And our country although electronic business affairs develops flourishingly
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