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Please help me find some books or planning birthday planning ideas

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Anne ChurchillChu 
Asked at 2011.05.11 20:40:33
Next month, the Shanghai Grand Theater Wangxing Kong banquet hall for my 50th birthday banquet relatives, the entire event I need to plan, which includes gifts to the guests field questions, activities, field program now. I generally to tell you about, I hope you help me find some books or activities in process planning. First of all: the participation of staff, about 20 tables, a table of 10 people. to participate :30-50 or so guests were accounted for 2 / 3, 30-year-old of age accounted for 1 / 3, 20 years of age less than normal. guest status: medical, Brilliance, finance, education, insurance industry-based. Hours: 3:00 before the end of the 11 o'clock. generally needed is: Activities the whole process that day, such as the need to design sign-in table, event souvenirs can be a lucky draw at the event. When started, first a master of ceremonies say that, in the middle put the computer projection, midfielder eat, toast, put memories of the film, stage performances, guests arrived at the scene ... and so on, need help to think the other: the gifts to the guests arrived at the scene well, now ready to send a non-woven bag, which installed a few gifts, you can do on behalf of health, wealth, and let us through the souvenirs to remember that this is so and so's birthday, sent a monumental .... ... that is all they need to help, thank you extreme sense, if there is anything to add please say ~ ~ ~
answer Benjamin Lane  Answered at 2011.05.11 20:40:33
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