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Avoidable cost and unavoidable cost differences  

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mary ford 
Asked at 2011.05.11 20:39:55
Want to illustrate! Thank you
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.11 20:39:55
Costs can be divided according to their nature can be avoided to avoid the cost and the inevitable costs. 1. Avoidable cost (avoidable costs or escapable costs) can be avoided cost is the decision by an action can change the amount of costs. That is, if a particular program used, an item of expense associated with its bound to happen; the other hand, if a program does not use, then an expenditure does not occur. Example: a company there is still some excess capacity, is prepared to accept a particular order, the other side of this order by a number of specific requirements, in order to meet these requirements, the need to purchase a value of 5000 yuan of special equipment, this 5 000 yuan of special equipment shall eventually happen, it depends entirely on the acceptance of a number of specific orders. If you do not accept, would not have happened, so it could be avoided cost. 2. Unavoidable costs (unavoidable costs or nonescapable costs) to avoid the inevitable cost of the cost with a corresponding concept. It is a decision-making actions can not change the amount of the cost. With a particular decision is not directly linked to the amount of the cost of the program. Its occurrence or not, does not depend on the program choice. Example: A company's production capacity in the normal range received a specific order, assuming the plant, equipment and other fixed assets, depreciation of 20 000, this part of the depreciation on the acceptance of a specific order does not matter, whether a order to accept or reject, will happen, and so is the inevitable cost. A program of choice, mainly to see the cost can be avoided, as it is about the difference between the cost of the program components. Unavoidable cost is now objective cost of the new options it is not directly linked to the trade-offs.
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