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Poems about with the stars

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Benjamin Lane 
Asked at 2011.05.11 20:38:48

answer Adah George  Answered at 2011.05.11 20:38:48
Tanabata's: 3010Don authors:3011 3010Mu Genre: Seven-3011 3010Silver Candle Autumn cold painted screen, light Luo fan flutter fireflies. Day Street the night cold water, watching the cows lying Vega. Chang's: 3010Don authors: yin3011 3010Genre: Seven-3011 3010mica wall candle deep shadow, the Yangtze River gradually sink down Hyosung. Chang must regret stealing the elixir, Bihaiqingtian heart every night. Wye's book tour night: 3010Don authors: Fu3011 3010Genre: 30103011 Xicao five laws shore breeze, Qiang Wei Zhou night alone. Star wide vertical Hirano, month Chung Tai Jiang Liu. Name Qi paper book, the official result of the old sick leave. What are like fluttering, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Thin stars, bells and drums break, Lianwai Xiaoying moon. "(Wen - more funnel)," seven or eight stars the sky, two or three rain Piedmont. Old thatch community forest edge, the road turns suddenly saw a Bridge. "(Ji - Xijiang Yue) "nostalgia look transit width, drain residual stars are disabled." (Niu Qiao - set Zephaniah) "Heaven Galaxy forward, human curtain down." (zhao - TUNE) "waterside pedestrian lights gradually , the outer moon of a hook with the Samsung. "(Guan - TUNE)" "Heaven knows even then Yuntao fog, Galaxy would like to switch thousands of fan dance." (zhao - fishing Ao) "fiber clouds get clever, meteor mass hate , silverside span of darkness. "(Guan - Magpie Fairies)" Trees with the flowers the night wind, more blown, star like rain "(ji - Qing Yuan)," Star hanging wide plains, Chung Big River in January. "(Du Fu - Travel book Huai Night) "Shadow Mica Candle Screen deep river gradually sink down Hyosung. Chang'e must regret stealing the elixir, Bihaiqingtian heart every night." (yin - goddess of the moon) "stars and eyes," I saw his eyes open the skies were a star I close my eyes and see the sky are the stars I close my eyes still see the sky are stars, "generations" of stars we see now is the time of our fathers star in the future we see juniors when the star is our "heaven" one by one the stars of heaven on earth people often think how beautiful the earth beneath them, very few people think of the star is a beautiful
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