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Neijiang City's planning department ye so bad? Why do not the implementation of urban planning law?

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Aaron Barton 
Asked at 2011.05.11 20:30:14
I Neijiang interview, there was a woman Distressed let me judge by reason, but I still do not know how to say ... ... confirmed in the four-day, I see people give me the letter is real! To this end, I announced to the public, let us talk about why the city planning department Neijiang failure to abide by it? Here are some excerpts: A violation of the provisions of Neijiang Municipal Engineering Administration Department by the side of the Yangtze River Road, gable houses and the bottom of the Han Neijiang City Dongxing District, Unit 6, 319 Ann Avenue, residential housing gable distance between the bottom of only 5.6 meters, the expenditures outside the top housing gable roof with our less than the distance between the 5.0 m, the outside facade of its underlying expenditure gable roof and our house is only 4.3 m distance between. (A) violation of building fire safety requirements. According to fire brigade Neijiang on a single, multi-layer management of the civil provisions of the fire: single, multi-fire between the civil space of not less than 7 meters. (B) contravenes the provisions of residential space. Neijiang Municipal People's Government under the July 26, 1999 issued by Government Decree No. 17 "Neijiang Rules urban planning and management," the forty-fourth Chapter IV stipulates: new urban residential side of the pitch not less than 8 meters Second, the impact of (a) of the work during the day and turn on the lights. Lighting seriously affected households, into the house to turn on the lights during the day to day work, or can not live a normal life, no doubt so that every household has a monthly increase of at least 100 yuan in electricity costs. (B) of the house dark and damp. When the light would be affected, we quite wet inside, an individual would have rheumatism old rule has only just recovered for several decades, but this began to relapse, and quite serious, undoubtedly increased the costs paid to see a doctor. (C) of the pests scurrying around. The original day of sunshine lighting standard housing Big Chill at least 4 hours, 10 minutes, now did not even have. Resulting in the Han An Avenue, Unit 6, 319 households in the house of flies, mice and other pests, day or night scurrying around. Moreover, the Municipal Engineering Administration Department is the construction of the housing side of the gable window was the toilet window, just the living room of our house as opposed to wait and see each other anytime, anywhere, combined with such a close distance, the future will lead to more insects flying around, and that Residential housing is not our place to become a non-residential area! ? (D) of the body hurt. Further increase the strength of our personal injury, some young people, especially poor children due to the light, often using light rays, vision gradually becomes low, serious disorder of brain development!
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.11 20:30:14
How the construction of a region, you have to depend on the awareness of the planning department, according to the problem, is certainly poor Neijiang's planning department, and the developers "collusion" due!
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