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Can you tell us about the composition of non-linear editing system and network applications, thank you, this w

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juicy lee 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:49:37
Or the compression format and its non-linear editing applications, and can not find out online how much valuable information, but to help you out. Oh, how many points I have not, can only give so much.
answer joy Green  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:49:37
Non-linear editing system is essentially an extension of the computer system. Is a high-performance computers or 1 plus a set of video and audio input / output card (commonly known as nonlinear card) and some auxiliary cards. Matched with a high-capacity SCSI hard disk array would constitute a fundamental non-linear editing system hardware. Non-linear editing software, hardware components together with a perfect non-linear editing system. Non-linear editing software can be divided into special-and general-purpose. One special type of software developers, mostly by non-linear editing system of choice according to their characteristics of the nonlinear card specially developed, which formed the same hardware, software, display their development of the competitive landscape. Special type of software because the hardware settings for the specially developed, they can directly call the hardware set of nonlinear card stunt card or specialized hardware special effects or stunt the formation of a short generation time effects, thus speeding up the program editing speed. As a dedicated non-linear editing software, it first needs to meet the editorial. TV programs can be divided news, features, arts, drama, such as different types of editing in these programs, the lens Yingjie, transitional features in the majority, it is non-linear editing system programming layer Just two or three layers can be produced to meet demand, which is equivalent to linear editing of A / B roll has been able to complete these types of programs produce, along with graphic title would constitute a complete layer of A / B roll editing system. General-purpose card that comes with many non-linear input / output software, it can only complete the signal acquisition and output of work can not be edited. Editing require additional software to complete. In the broadcast television industry generally do not use such software. Nonlinear now has video and audio capture, compression and decompression, audio and video playback, an integrated part of all real-time effects on the same card or a card, making the whole system hardware structure is very simple. These cards are actually analog signals and digital signals of the watershed, all analog video and audio signals in this through the A / D conversion, each section of material have become a video file stored in the SCSI hard disk array for computer processing the digital domain . Need to stream digital video and audio output through the D / A conversion into analog for recording or live video and audio signals. Nonlinear analog signal interface card has composite, component, S-VIDEO, existing analog television systems are covered almost all the interfaces in the form, so non-linear editing system with the existing analog television systems with good compatibility. Compression and decompression is a non-linear core of the card. In the digital video signal can not be effective and high quality compression, nonlinear editing workstations are expensive and implemented on a computer. Because of the huge amount of digital video data to PC, Mac, and the general are overwhelmed and can not properly deal with the digital rates up to 216Mb / s of uncompressed digital component video signals or 142Mb / s of uncompressed digital composite digital video signal, which can not be competent uncompressed digital video signals for nonlinear editing. However, with the development of digital image compression technology, various image compression algorithms matured, making the Mac (PowerPC9600) and post-performance PC, one of these lower grade than the workstation for video on the computer become non-linear editing reality, the image compression algorithm is relatively inexpensive to achieve the key non-linear editing video. At present, China has the non-linear editing systems, whether imported or domestically produced, mostly with M-JPEG algorithm. The compression algorithm of activities through the introduction of real-time video image frame coding to compress each frame individually, can be accurate to frame the post-editing. M-JPEG compression and decompression is symmetric, by the same hardware and software to achieve, and this compression / decompression circuit help to achieve a high degree of integration. Because of this algorithm is less complex, you can use a very small compression ratio (2:1) for a full frame capture, in order to achieve the required target broadcast lossless compression. If the use of broadcast indicators 2:1 compression, the compressed digital video signals for digital rate although there is 108Mb / s (component video) or 71Mb / s (composite video), but Mac (PowerPC9600) and improve performance The PC (using PCI bus, Pentium u2161 350 or more CPU, WindowsNT operating system) is concerned, has been able to handle it well, real-time operation. Digital video signals into a computer system, in order to be processed more efficiently, the entire computer hardware platform can also take some measures to strengthen the non-linear editing system performance: (1) plug-in high-speed large-capacity SCSI AV hard disk array as a video file storage , and with a hard disk accelerator. AV high-speed SCSI hard disk capacity of the array size as the user needs to select, as the broadcasters, at least 18G over the array in order to have actual meaning. (2) In addition to non-linear part of the card has been given to real-time effects, an additional special effects cards. Second, the number of complex, three-dimensional special transition effects make the hardware card, so that it can easily call and shorten the build time. And special cards of different companies have different characteristics, there will be another unexpected effect, but also escalating.
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