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Urgent! ! ! National Day promotion planning and demand planning publicity!

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Betty White 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:27:40
Electrical integrated shopping malls, and innovation promotion idea!
answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:27:40
[Recommended] May enjoy a promotion case, the theme of labor to create beauty - the Second May Day series of events, activities slogan I work, my beautiful - the three main advertising slogan, that makes May Day May Day have the opportunity to return to The real theme - labor; May Day is not the name of May Day labor holiday leisure; then, people in the leisure holiday through labor, to bring their own true happiness, to educate people "happy bright life is achieved through labor ", which has profound social significance of the activity level significantly improved, to enhance the corporate image is very good; the same time, the department store promotions, are generally presented, sweepstakes, discounts, public relations activities are generally are the performances, donations, networking and so on. The core purpose of this activity is the Labor Day day, 7 days a project, whether public relations or promotional activities, all designed by the consumer directly involved in the project, I work, my beautiful, through the activities, not only promotional items enhance the corporate image, but also enhance the quality of the people and beautify the mind, to meet the spiritual needs of people inside. Fourth, activity time is 4 26 - 7 May five, location and stage, six entrance plaza, activities organized mall Planning Department, the Communist Youth League, government organizations, corporations, government labor departments VII, activities to prepare 1, malls mobilization meeting all departments , shopping malls deployment of available resources at the meeting 2, promotional vendors have their own activities required during the holiday season, providing gifts, title, bonus discount is summarized 3, plans for the meeting: implementation of the activity sequence, division of labor, the implementation period, with the unit, pay attention to problems, alternative solutions 4, the media plan: a week ago, advertising pre - Theme statement - a new mall will be launched during the Labor Day "I am working I am beautiful," Please pay attention to large-scale series of activities - I keep a complete series ad 6, will have access to a certain brand of gifts worth 1,000 yuan. VIII activities (a) of the labor to create a large series of activities of the United States 11, topic: beautiful display 2, Time: May 1 10 am ----- 16:03, Venue: Exhibition and sale of shopping arena, as well as fashion Floor 4, content: on the stage or floor, set fashion show booth; performing companies by the city friendship chuanchang famous model, a model guide customers through their own addiction. Learn to do it again as long as the model shows, fashion brands to get the half price, or direct donation, send off the contents in detail, see the on-site posters; exhibitors get a free modeling photo model 3; the day Best Performance Ping Chu, the best ideas, best comedy, the title of honorary certificates available shopping, coupon 100, the opportunity to do part-time shopping model. - Real Life Fashion Show, I had to pretty - 11 hours, show heart self body. (Also published in discount advertising promotions) 5, the internal preparation activities: all kinds of fashion category schedule, props, changing rooms, security, audio, photography, coupons, model team (b) labor to create a large series of activities of the United States 2 - 1, Subject: workers Beautiful 2, time: 2 May 10 am ----- 16:03, Location: shopping Stage 4: (1) urban levels of model workers on-site presentation, hosted by the Government (to be contact), prize distribution by the mall; (with social significance, but also may provoke journalists to obtain information marketing effectiveness) (2) shopping Libraries group of model workers lectures, story introduction (to strengthen labor pride, enhance cohesion between the contact and customer Friendship) (3) Family selection of model workers: the audience on stage to introduce their own voluntary "work in a typical family deeds," and decided the third or two, shopping malls appropriate incentives. (This part should be lively comedy, the proposed family work is divided into several categories, laundry, cooking, sanitation, with children, each category, set a question, who answered the most complete, most applause, to win) (4) and model workers to work with: set of 20 counter positions, on-site enrollment and voluntary work with the counter model workers, each working to give some compensation mall; want to purchase the commodity that can assist in the Libraries group sales, sell a commodity , awards a discount, until the goods sent. (This part of the long duration, covering a wide range of customers, a great impact. Let the customer know that a salesperson has a hard, deepen mutual friendship and mutual understanding of trust) 5, activity preparation: working with Libraries group setting and precautions, temporary work card, folding gift merchandise; selection to answer questions; shopping card shows the internal Model Worker, honor roll, red flag, etc.; award prizes needed, government leaders liaison, reception, and news release. (C) of the labor to create large-scale series of activities of the United States 3 - 1, Subject: I admire the beautiful brand 2, Date: 3 May 10 am ----- 16:03, Location: shopping Stage 4 content: Shopping commodity price comparison survey shows. There will be selling 100 kinds of commodity goods brand shopping, major shopping malls in the city's sales and service survey results on display. Prove my fidelity product quality shopping, lower prices, better service. Where I have a shopping mall in April the value of more than 500 customers, and this month has been in my shopping purchases over 200 customers, can be proved by shopping, receive a questionnaire, a commodity, the investigation is completed after May 2 to the mall at 6 pm before the service desk, when you can get gift vouchers worth 20 yuan a piece. May 3 will be to survey results, showing at the mall stage. Visitors have the raffle, the investigators have access to the value of a certain brand of goods. (Interspersed surveyed brand manufacturers promotions) - The significance of Day 1) recommended selling brand 2) shows that price advantage 3) reflects the service 4) consumers more telling its own investigation, and since many people when shopping a lot of shopping before deciding to purchase 5) promotion of the products 6) to obtain the survey results. . . . 5, for: advance notice, survey, investigation summary, site layout, prizes, and participate in factories - and bring their own survey results (d) labor to create a large series of activities of the United States 4 - 1, Subject: How to Make Boutique 2, time: May 4 - 5 6, daily 10 am ----- 16:03, Location: shopping Stage 4 content: manufacturers: the workers, engineers on-site to explain the process of commodity production, Let people know that an item, the number of workers, the number of steps after it was created. (Current major manufacturers promotional arrangements to conduct their own promotional activities, but must carry out the theme of shopping leads all manufacturers combined to form the big promotion activities than a single impact force of the manufacturers to large) (e) labor large series of activities to create the United States 5 - 1, subject: the beautiful fruits of their labor share - Shopping is also a labor of labor of labor income will have a beautiful beautiful 2, time: at 10:00 on May 7 ----- 16:03, Contents: 1) Where a complete series of ads 6 to save my, 7 May to the mall that day can receive vouchers worth 10 yuan; the same time, taking the stage at the mall will be the lucky five, each get 1 value of 1,000 yuan a brand gifts. 2) Where in my mall 5.1 - 5.6 during the shoppers, with shopping ticket number, a lucky draw every hour, a pumping 10 people, each can get gift voucher worth 100 yuan; winners, winners must be a public notice in shopping malls hours to collect their prizes, or by the holder of ticket number after number one, in 1 hour for the collar, is not acceptable. 3) reward for the day shopping - Discount Promotions (omitted) 4) seasonal products portrait Bargain - Discount Promotions (slightly) Note: This series of activities, should be made a warm ad, the date should be April 26 Friday, 1 to warm up, 2 is to prepare ahead of time to go home shopping or shopping needs of people travel in advance, 3 is to emphasize the continuous series of ads; each ad, please note to remind: This series of activities, shopping, collecting advertising surprise ; keep shopping computer small, with more options and more good people.
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