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The overall quality of workers is very low, any way to improve their quality, and ability to solve problems in

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juicy lee 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:17:47
My dad opened a furniture factory town for many years, relatively backward economy of the region, workers around the age of majority is 40. . Education is very low,, a depends on patience. . With the words did not sound good is the "Abduction" is very, and system implementation of discipline in them do not,, my dad is not home every day worried about production and marketing problems, but complained about the contradiction between the workers and the workers, and my dad have been changed for many workers, but to a time soon, it will become very "Abduction." . . Which management experts to give me a good way to solve this difficult problem.
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:17:47
Spend 10% of the shares distributed to several senior managers, so that they become owners of the company. This method is very effective! ! ! Haha, the upstairs is really interesting. People drive a sole proprietorship. Stock, senior managers, these terms only in the joint-stock companies are right. Only through such enterprises as strict internal management system to be controlled. If you want to improve the quality of the staff, I am afraid the cost will be higher paid. What bonuses, penalties, team competition, and so the system can try to improve employee motivation. Lack of effective competition, the management system, supervision system, wage rewards and penalties! The theme and description of some of your inconsistencies. If it is the quality of staff to the two methods, training or out! But you said the contradictions between them, the struggle and the system can not run from these issues should look like your father and management problems! Corporate culture problem! Solution is two way: your father learning management knowledge; to find a professional manager! Not management, hiring, management and training required to improve business growth in fact the most difficult to grow in this period of the. . . If the talent. . . Higher personnel such enterprises with less than. . . Use it as overkill. . . This period is a period of competition. . . In the absence establish their own brands before. . . We must constantly think of ways to control the value of their products. . . Value chain from raw materials necessary to extract all the value. . . Wood products should have some. . . After the wood sawing wood powder. . . I do not know specific terms what it is. . That thing can be sold for money. . . Continue to lower their costs in order to improve their competitiveness. . . I am soon to graduate in Business Administration. . . My father organized in the township on a wood products processing plants. . . Wood floor is the main job of this product. . . I am very confused. . . Do not know how. . . The factory's employees are not quality. . . Now I have learned are things that large companies use only. . . A small business to grow in the growth process is a big problem. . . If the problem simply by looking at what you said. . . You do not say that very clearly. . . Large enough business that they have their own corporate culture to address this issue to the best ... ... is to make the most of your employees are not working for you ... he is to reflect the value of their work ... of course ... the premise is definitely not your father a factory worker ... is a corporate culture and employing the management of large enterprises will be some ... for what you said is simply not the employer of the workers management. . . Management system must be used. . . When I feel the need to charge your debit him for two months wages. . . Perhaps this is not necessarily very effective. . . But I believe that part is absolutely great effect. . . Production and sales of the more well resolved. . . In fact, I do not see the furniture industry is now running fire. . . Too many people do. . . China's traditional industries on the market. . . Is not related to new industries. . . Are in the state of demand over supply. . . That is why I mention the start and you reduce the cost for you to have a competitive advantage. . . Maybe you can go to Alibaba, to your father to find some order. . . Can also go to trade to see if your factory can produce export products. . . Third-rate company to do the production, second-rate companies to do product, first-class service companies do. . . Ersan Liu companies want to do more difficult. . . Why do first-class business services. . . Wal-Mart, not their own products. . . But it can do one of the world's largest. . . Alibaba does not own. . . Only to provide a network platform. . . But successful trading 100 million a day, once per transaction charge 1RMB profits. . . That is 100W. . . To venture a success. . . Do not do the traditional industries, and take the road of innovation. . . For example, direct marketing and the like compound. . . Oh so your father or how to learn how to manage it no use ah substitutions the most direct and effective way is to set up group work to improve the system of corporate system 1. With the furniture factory wages linked to performance. Group performance-related bonuses. Strengthen ties 2. The introduction of a small number of young, middle high efficiency leaders (squad) team (team-building work system) give the pressure 3. Vigorously promoted the old staff work hard to become a solid middle-collar backbone of this team can meet their immediate needs! The short term to change the quality and capacity of staff, which is very unrealistic. Realistic approach is based on the quality of the current staff level of competence, pragmatic management. Ability to improve the quality of staff development, strategic plan to retain key employees, and organize the implementation. Take the initiative to care about workers, good relations with the `` `` Should the system still does not work out, only the implementation of the
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