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Whether is dragon totemic culture wants a material

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Betty White 
Asked at 2011.05.10 22:28:20
Want a material
answer Chaplin White  Answered at 2011.05.10 22:28:20
Dragon traceable The Neo-lithic Age is inchoate, be apart from today's time won't little 8000. This period, primitive first civilian the award that relies on God not pure already ground, passively, their bronco bison boar bag waits raise a moment to rise; Also eating those only is to collect pick up the wild fruit that must come, cultivate results of cereal in an attempt to selectively however. They can take fire adroitly to use internal heat, learned to build simple house with wood, begin to grind make stone implement, bone object, make lathe by hand, settle gradually come down, be engaged in manufacturing an activity. The contact that manufacturing activity makes people is the same as nature is wider and wider extensive, nature is opposite as the mysterious force besides the person of people inner world bump bigger and bigger also. Why fish is worn swim to be not resided, severe of all of form of bay alligator sound, snake kind ghastly horror, is lizard look look barpque? Why cloud cluster billow, light produced by electricity sparkles, thunder rumble, rain cats and dogs? Why ocean wave breaks up roll, vast sky of rainbow be linked together, mud-rock flow growls and fall, swallow cultivate having a person, invincible? ... the behavior of these animals and change unceasingly natural astronomical phenomena is right for the ancients, cannot explain scientificly. Their faintly guesses, ought to have so a muscularity is boundless, with " water " relevant " wonder " dictate is worn direct is worn operating managing these animals and astronomical phenomena, clannish like surely one build is gotten in that way; Perhaps say, these animals and natural day seem this " wonder " moral character is reflected, want to talk like the person, want call, should eat and drink pull scatter sleep, like wanting Xi laugh snarl. Dragon, adore a phenomenon as a kind, one kind is opposite a kind of mysterious od " understanding " , also rise from this moment, began it " ambiguous gather " . Liaoning mounds to examine the of great capacity newly primitive dorp relics comes up out of land " dragon form piles model " , be us " time locates " providing evidence. The relics that examine the of great capacity is belonged to " Qian Gongshan culture " involuntary discharge of urine is put, be apart from make an appointment with today 8000. "Dragon form piles model " inside the central square that is located in relics of this primitive dorp, by size equal rufous block piles model and become. Dragon is full-length nearly 20 meters, nearly two meters wide, raise head dehisce, bow arch one's back, if show,the rear is like concealed. This Shi Long, it is the time that our country discovers up to now the dragon with the earliest, the largest body. (the article says, shanxi province has to be apart from on cliff of stone of beach of auspicious county persimmon amount to the piscine end Lu Longyan 10000 to draw today, when the earliest embryonic form that is dragon. This cliff picture did not see publish, its appearance how, return unknown. ) next still what Han Qixing grand of Inner Mongolia Ao comes up out of land depression is apart from the crockery dragon grain that amounts to 779 years today, north of Shaanxi treasure chicken head mountain relics comes up out of land be apart from amount to the Long Wen of flask of ancient painted pottery 7000 today, the be apart froming that Henan Pu Yang Xishui slope comes up out of land today grain of dragon of model of more than 6400 years of mussels. The start of the ambiguous gather process of dragon is in The Neo-lithic Age, through the great progress of period of the Warring States of business, Zhou Zhi, arrive when Qin Han basic take shape. This " basic " have two meanings, it is the frame that says to make a surname, element, style, when Qin Han had basically; 2 it is to say to dragon is open, the system of ceaseless take in the fresh-take in new Party members, it does not satisfy the basic take shape when Qin Han, the past dynasties of all previous face later, till today, still adding ceaselessly decrease, change to spread out and develop. The totem (Totem) , imprint for America formerly the dialectal vocabulary of made of baked clay person of cloth of the auspicious that install another name for Hubei province, means " his cognation " . The core that the totem adores is to think some is planted animal, plant or inorganic with oneself clannish have kin, it is this clannish first ancestor and family member, thereby its honour act according to for this clannish mark, symbolize and protect an expression. World each country is not little scholar, adore this to the totem one already old peculiar culture phenomenon has been done make an on-the-spot investigation and study, think a lot of nations on the world once had had the totem to adore generally, its remains is in a few moderner still can see in the nation. What put forward dragon totem the earliest to say is to hear a family name more than 1. Hear a gentleman to talk about such say in Long Feng's article technically in a his: "The earliest meaning says, long Yufeng is representing two the mainest unit in nation of our ancient time - - summerly people and abundant nation, because be in ' Gun is dead, ... melt into yellow dragon, it is to use a the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty ' and ' destiny Xuan Diao (namely phoenix) , fall and give birth to business ' in two myth, people sees dimly, dragon is the totem of primitive Xia Ren, phoenix the totem that is primitive Yan Ren (I say primitive Xia Ren and primitive Yan Ren, abundant because of the summer on the history two dynasty, had left totemic culture period very far, and alleged totem person, be far in Xia Daihe a kind of system of the Xia Ren before Yan Dai and Yan Ren holds belief concurrently) , regard Long Feng as so our people hair is auspicious of culture beginning indicative, can saying is again appropriate did not have. " so, is dragon totem how form? Hear a gentleman to be in his name piece " Fu Xi takes an examination of " say: Dragon this kind of totem, "It is a consist in totem is medium and nonexistent a kind of in biology bound fictitious biology, a kind of synthesis that because it is,becomes by a lot of diverse totem mix " ; Be " anguine totem annex and absorb the result of a lot of puny units " . Dragon totem says by 20 centuries 40 time start, shed develop not to decline up to now, still make the point of view that takes regnant place for a time. Arrived 20 centuries 80 time, a few scholars begin to oppugn dragon totem to say, appear a few negatory viewpoints. Be like: "Anyhow, totemic content always is object of some of the fact in nature. Because of in the final analysis, the totem is made reflect also be the relation between the mankind and nature. Accordingly, the data that if be mixed according to current theory,is accepted by the academia, dragon serves as a kind of totem at the same time nonexistent in nature be to make a person accept hard. " (Yan Yunxiang) " up to now, archaeological, history all proves to go up to ever had had a powerful clannish tribe that is the totem with the snake in Chinese history without credible data, as to annex and confluence other the view of the clannish tribe that vacates with horse, dog, fish, bird, Lu Weitu is stemmed from more completely subjective. " (Liu Zhixiong, Yang Jingrong) scholars still point out, act the role of the animal model that appears on content of Chinese ancient prose or grain the expressional form that inspects the totem, also be very wrong. Because archaeological the some in medium some type culture and sociology is clannish and tribal it is two completely different ideas. Tell from spatio-temporal limits, former get greatly than latter much. Accordingly, the totem with some kind of grain act the role ofing in some type culture and clannish some delimits the possibility very little of equal-sign. Still some scholars pose paradox from the main feature of totemic culture, be like: The totem is the object that clannish group member esteems, it is to be not gotten injury, killing with edible, and in the archaic ancient codes and records that is in China and mythological fokelore, there is no lack of demote dragon, disgrace dragon, bottle dragon, behead dragon and feed dragon carry narrate. Always watch the contention that dragon totem says, feel at least has two such problems to be worth to think: A problem is, the totem says to come from western scholar, whether does clannish tribe also resemble Chinese remote antiquity Australia North America is aboriginal, aboriginal in that way, had had a totem to adore period? Analyse the concerned record in ancient books, the answer is affirmative it seems that. But, press general point of view of the academia, totemic culture happens at metaphase of the Old Stone Age, prosperity at the the Old Stone Age terminal, enter a The Neo-lithic Age to tend be on the wane, enter class society, remain a few remains to be in only continuance. Press archaeological offerred objective data, the origin of dragon should be the The Neo-lithic Age begins the following work, produced a problem so: The totem adores already moved toward be on the wane, dragon is genetic however. Will in the ascendant dragon returns delimit tend at of be on the wane adore a phenomenon, have the basic logic that is contrary to to develop at the thing. Another problem is, totemic concept has its are the connotation with academic basic and accepted place and extension originally, such totem is the totem on firm sense, may call " narrow sense totem " . Increase its connotation, spread the totem after its are denotative, not be the totem on firm sense, may say for " broad sense totem " . The totem on firm sense is the objective that exists in nature, and dragon does not accord with this condition, they are the wonder that does not have in nature, accordingly, if wanting to say Long Weitu is vacated, can go to dragon put under only in the frame of broad sense totem. The problem is, narrow sense totem and broad sense totem can produce conflict from time to time. For instance, press the demand of narrow sense totem, totemic content must not be killed by affront, and be killed by behead by penalty time and again however as the dragon of content of broad sense totem how does this problem explain the jujube? If want to choose between narrow sense totem and broad sense totem, I fall more totem of apt narrow sense, because I feel the totem is the totem, should respect former the connotation first and extension, if too broad sense, also do not have the totem. Reference material: China is literary >> culture channel >> dragon culture
bondsally Answered at 2021.07.18 08:12:35
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