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Professionals: What can be concise description or example is the "normative legal documents" and "legal norms"

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Frances bush 
Asked at 2011.05.10 22:17:39

answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.05.10 22:17:39
Normative legal documents is the power to make laws and regulations issued by the state organs, generally binding legal documents. Here the law is broad sense, including the Constitution, laws, administrative regulations, local regulations. Legal norms are applicable for the same legal principles and rules. A legal norm can be constituted of several articles, the same articles may also be involved in several legal norms. I think that the legal norms and normative legal documents is the relationship between content and form, the content of legal norms, normative legal documents are the manifestation of legal norms. On legal norms, Wang Xiahao teacher is under this definition: countries have developed or recognized on people's behavior or activities of the command, a specification for permitted and prohibited. Legal norms can be divided into legal rules and legal principles. Rule of law refers to certain specific provisions of the logical structure people's legal rights, legal obligations and the legal consequences of a legal norm, in the logical sense is assumed, behavior patterns and the legal consequences of three elements. According to different classification criteria can be divided into rules and compulsory licensing rules, the rule of force and arbitrary rules, certainty rules and regulations permitted the appointment of the rule. Legal principles is to provide a basis for legal rules or origin of the comprehensive, guiding principles or value standards of a legal norm.
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