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Plainer carrot juice invention patents Name: carrot, peeled machine; carrot to smell equipment; carrot juice i

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lisa green 
Asked at 2011.05.10 19:17:14
Plainer carrot juice invention patents Name: carrot, peeled machine; carrot to smell equipment; carrot juice is more true?
answer Abraham Ford  Answered at 2011.05.10 19:17:14

Agrocybe Fuzhou Lichuan specialty - Jinxi lotus root pickles sugar to form a unique landscape of silk that old pickle jar. In China, the mention of Sichuan food, in most people the impression that only the hot pot, in fact, pickles in Sichuan food has a very special place and meaning, whether or village in the heart of Chengdu, in the resident's courtyard or balcony , can see the large and small pot, smell the fragrance bursts of pickle. Kimchi is the most important dishes of Sichuan, and Sichuan, the types of pickles and delicious rich, absolutely beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Fuzhou Hong cabbages old pickle jar to absorb the essence of Sichuan, and innovation. This dish is very particular about the material, the red and white radish, Caigeng, chicken, fresh peppers and other raw materials, crafted after soaking 3 to 6 hours apart, on the table and then "mixed" for the altar, the day the day to eat bubble pickles crisp taste, fragrant, light sour salty after eating appetite. Table for diners to two kimchi is common, every day is also packed to go home to eat a lot of customers, the hotel Forum kimchi every day can not meet the 40 needs of consumers. Ciba Ciba, in traditional Chinese foods diet can be regarded as the Tai Zhuzi holiday, every celebration and festival occasion, our people will make cake, in the countryside is better than. Quality rice farmers soak the mountains a few hours later, with piles broken, the fire after cooking with a fine of about four hours, that is good. Cai Gen Xiang Hotel first collection of such farm fresh cake, and then in accordance with the cabbages incense made of the unique processing technology. The tough vegetables crisp outside, soft but not greasy, fresh and sweet, ten kilos a day from the acquisition of farm farm cake is always in short supply. Customers agree that this menu is the most authentic Fuzhou, taste the best dish. Farm Chicken Black Bean Green Turtle eggs fragrant lips and teeth "in your kernel" brand Spicy Chicken "your kernel" brand Chongren Spiced Chicken Chicken is the main raw material used, blended with honey, villosum, cloves, figs and other valuable seasoning, use of traditional craftsmanship and modern science and technology is refined, with a strong local flavor, shape beauty, fresh, tender and delicious, spiced Speranskia, is the young and old Safe nutrition cooked food. This product has won the new technology results in Jiangxi Province, new products Fair Gold Medal, Best of Beijing International Invention Exhibition Award. "Green China" brand series of health egg "Green China" brand series of health eggs with high trace elements, high vitamins, high amino acids, low cholesterol, low fat and other characteristics of zinc deficiency syndrome caused by anorexia children, different food, the immune power is low, not long tall and mental retardation, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly, thyroid cancer, there are obvious effects of aging. Products have won the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments issued a number of medals, 96 August by the National Patent Office patent for the invention, the same year in October by the National Green Food Development Center approved as green food. "Show overseas alms," series Jinxi County, Jiangxi Province is one of the important tea production, the existing garden area of 7420 mu, annual output of raw tea leaves 700,000 kg, of which 25,000 kg of tea. Overseas Yinhao main varieties show, show Tippy Valley, cloud tea, quality tea products have won the title of Jiangxi Province. San Kin Wai Liquor Nishi Health Products Co., Ltd. Fujian and Jiangxi Sino-German joint research personnel Institute of pharmacy experts, instructors and health care products developed doctorate - San Kin Wai wine, take the scenic Linchuan Peak Hope Valley natural mineral water, the use of modern bio-engineering of the cold soak, filtration and the traditional aging process, to quality wine-based, mineral water, and extract of ginseng, Epimedium, Astragalus, Lycium, Morinda and other active ingredients of Chinese medicine refining made access to the PRC Ministry of Health, health food, "healthy" Size approval. "San Kin Wai wine" color shining brilliantly, supple refreshing taste mellow, herbal mellow, and its focus on the essence of Chinese medicine, suction Aura Linchuan wit, modulating to improve immune function, fight fatigue, lowering blood pressure, Yin Zhuang Yang, # rheumatism highly significant effect. Kay products with a variety of acids, several kinds of trace elements, and rich in vitamins, fatty acids, peptides, polysaccharides and special active substance, and penetration through the wine can easily be absorbed by the body. The product by the China People's Insurance Company underwriting, for the twenty-first century brand of wine consumers, indecisive market alcohol consumption is a revolution. Are dry yellow orange orange yellow fruit are dry Selected Chinese products in the world, "the king of orange," the Concentration of raw materials, the use of contemporary international art equipment, combined with fine wine recipe from the Millennium. Together the advantages of dry white, dry red of the feature set, not one drop of water, without adding a drop of alcohol, did not add any color, is a natural green health food. Orange are all completely dissolved nutrients in the wine. Products by the world's most authoritative wine Organization (MONDESELECTION) Identification of the Need for the wine, is the birthplace of the world's dry yellow wine, won the International Silver, National Gold, national quality standards of food, the Chinese famous protection products, has received national leaders, the old one generation of scientists, wine authorities and food, nutrition, health care professionals of high praise. CCTV, People's Daily and other news media reported hundred of the significant results. Huang Fei Fei ring ring dry dry yellow wine from the famous universities in China - Tianjin Institute of Light Industry to assist development of products through the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, a national appraisal organizations, the Department of the world's first, to fill the gap. March 13, 1999, held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, reports the results of the meeting, got older generation of scientists, the National Vice Chairman of the chang and other leaders, renowned experts in the highly acclaimed wine, the Central Television, Central People's Broadcasting Radio, the People's Daily and other news organizations were reporting more than 30. International Wine Organization has this product awards in 2000 as a product. April 1999, won the State Intellectual Property Office granted the national patent (Patent No. 99103289.6), and have access to new technologies and products first China Expo Gold, national quality standards of food, new products of Jiangxi Province famous special gold medal. The international trend by consumers as drinks. Central dry fly yellow - is a natural green, with health effects of low adorned with wine, imported equipment, advanced technology and fine wine from Europe. Together the advantages of dry red, dry white set of features. Product juice fermentation, no drop of water, without adding a drop of alcohol, light yellow, slightly transparent green, fruity and elegant, comfortable, pure taste, soft and cool Yee, plump and delicate wine. The product contains many useful elements on the human body, including a cerebral vascular health effects of strontium content of 0.28mg / L, with the anti-cancer effect of selenium content of 0.003mg / L, vitamin C is 123mg / L, calcium was 240mg / L, amino acid 2.24mg / L, dry extract of up to 28mg / L, the role of great beauty AIDS capacity. Alcohol-based products to dry. "Jianchang Gang" is the ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine Nan Chengxian Jianchang House said, "Jianchang help" from the Eastern Jin Dynasty in China, Xing Yu Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties as a help in all of ancient medicine, to help the country's 13 largest drug and one of the major schools of Chinese medicine processing, together with the help of Jiangxi Camphor help. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Jianchang government to medicine for the industry, the basic monopoly Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei and other provinces, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other places who are still Founding drug business, and foreign drug industry a "drug missing less than a camphor tree, but Jianchang ineffective drugs ", which is a treasure house of Chinese medicine was the medicine to help with local characteristics. Fifties "Jianchang House" traditional Chinese medicine processing technology, is incorporated into the "experience of the National Chinese medicine processing integration." Processing of the mature processing technology, the existing technical staff cooked Chinese Herbal Medicine more than 50 people, including 10 pharmacists, 20 technicians in the old drug. Has now been sorted, "Jianchang help" traditional Chinese medicine processing method more than 70, 600 kinds of products, including 30 varieties of flavored 64 scientific research achievement awards by the Jiangxi Province. Gan Gan East East Black Black Black generic Nancheng, breeding has a long history, is one of Jiangxi Province, seven varieties. Resistant to crude feed, calving rate, feeding ability, advantages of lean meat percentage, is the binary and ternary hybrid female produced an excellent commercial pigs. Nan Chengxian Livestock Breeding Farm was designated a provincial Agriculture Department of Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou East Black Yuanzhong Chang. In 1998, the Jiangxi-based Eastern black crossbred sows quality pigs, slaughter 329,000, sold to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, much of the majority of farmers and consumers Nan Fung Fung Turtle Turtle is a devastating freeze in 1991 after the Concentration of the rise of a major new industry, existing nearly 6,000 farmers, farming 3,500 acres of water surface, is the country's largest distribution center for turtle eggs. Nan Fung Turtle process through the rapid development from scratch, focusing on City Hill, the bridge back, Lai River, Tai and other towns, formed over more than 10 acres of turtle area are breeding base. Annual output of 22 million turtle eggs, turtle breeding more than 60 million kilograms of goods. Nan Fung always adhere to the development of pure soft-shelled turtle, turtle organizations to carry out technology research and research varieties of purification, according to specifications and standards for sale of turtle eggs, a fish, species of turtles and turtle products, created a national source of well-known turtle species distribution center brand. Nan Fung market development based on turtle eggs, turtle sale of seedlings and regional characteristics of goods, positive Zhejiang, Hubei, Hunan and other places of all kinds of goods supply eggs turtle farm, seed, Nanchang, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen supply of food commodities and other cities turtle.
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