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Entering on the world of Importing, but with a high problem with shipment

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Hugo Lima 
Asked at 2011.05.10 02:31:13
Hello,<br/><br/>I&#39;m thinking in buying around 100pcs of skirts/tops from India or Thailand but I&#39;m with a serious problem.<br/>First, the costs of the shipment, the seller told me "around $330 USD for 100pcs/ 25 Kg".<br/>That&#39;s almost 2x times more of the order!!<br/>But, that&#39;s not the only problem... My very big afraid is that I pay order + shipment and then, when the package arrive I receive a letter from the Customs to pay something very high... and with all that... I need to sell everything to don&#39;t earn anything!<br/><br/>- So, to import from India or Thailand to Portugal, which is the best way? I want to pay what they tell to me, and nothing more. Don&#39;t want to have surprises when the shipment arrives.<br/>- Any way to don&#39;t pay the customs, duties tax, etc. in my country?<br/><br/>Time I have, so, it could be by sea, but there is other afraid that the skirts could damage...<br/><br/>Well.. fell free to advise me and explain every steps on this world, and every advices to not make the commum mistakes....<br/><br/>Thank you very very much! I already readed something around here, enjoyed this community very much :)<br/><br/>Thanks!

P.S.: I have a friend in Germany, is prefereble to send it to Germany and then she send to me to Portugal? If there is no customs charging there maybe it&#39;s preferable since the shipping cost Germany -> Portugal is only $25USD

Thank you
answer sfsd fsdf  Answered at 2011.05.10 02:31:13

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