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Feeling dizzy, lightheaded and breathing fast!?

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Asked at 2011.05.10 01:30:08
hey everyone it was my mates 16th yesterday so i went round for a party and got drunk for the first time i remeber alot what happend and remember being drunk but not been able to control myself anywyas today i woke up fine, but now im really dizzy, lightheaded and breathing faster then normal :O
answer ~ CRUISE-LOVER~  Answered at 2011.05.10 01:30:08
I can think of two (2) sensible diagnoses...
1- hypoglycemia -(low blood sugar) your symptoms match that if a common case of low blood sugar.. This condition CAN be brought on by excessive amounts of adrenaline being released ( partying) , late nights with little sleep... To settle low blood sugar try searching "hypoglycemia diets"
2-a common HANGOVER... long night partying, drinking... This could bring on a classic hangover... To reduce symptoms -get plenty if sleep.. And stay hostages with plenty if water
3- if symptoms continue.. Consult your medical provider/ doctor, as other conditions may be at work
Hope this helps! Feel better :)
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