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Eye Contacts help?!?!?!?

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Asked at 2011.05.10 01:30:05
hai i wear Oasis contacts and lately my right eye the contact is starting to bother me like im starting to feeel it in my eye and ik im not even supposed to feel it but its happening in my right eye and i think its makeing my eye dry or something and peopl say i shouldnt put visine in because it will ruin my contacts.. what should i do?
answer hippo37  Answered at 2011.05.10 01:30:05
Firstly your friends are right you shouldn't use visine with contacts. There are specialized contact rewetting drops you should be using.

As you've changed your contacts and this has been going on a while then we can exclude teh idea that the contact is damaged/inside out/has dust on it. In my experience ( 30 years worth) one eye always has more problems with contacts than the other. What I would suggest is that you leave your contacts out for 48 hours in case your right eye has got sore and this is the problem. Get some contact rewettign drops and use those with teh lenses. If the situation hasn't improved in a week then make an appointment with your optician. what you are experiencing sounds like a fit problem. the other thing to check is if the problem has been happening since you got a new pack of lenses. Sometimes a pack can come in with the wrong fit, or just be plain wrong, although its unusual. If you order them off the net then you haven't had teh benefit of the optician double checkign them before passing them out. My last set the right eye had come in wrong on fit and when I went to pick them up the double check picked up on that and the optician sorted it for me.
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