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Asked at 2011.05.10 01:29:58
sorry this is a bit long..ok so I been having really red eyes these past few days. Its not like pink eye its like really really red . I tried the eye drops and some allergy medicine since the school nurse said it might be cause of allergy season..I;m not allergi to anything that i kno of though... i guess kno i am?)everyone was asking me whats wrong with your eyes ,. you look freaky, or THEY ARE SOOOO RED!. or you look like you been crying for a long time. yes it is on both eyes. could it be cuz of something else? for additional info : i only slept for 2 hours on saturday, i havent recovered my sleep ( been going to sleep late at night) and I usally wear glasses , but since my glasses broke and i cant go without glasses while they get fixed ( imm legally blind!) and i wore some of my old contacts, ( i dont have the same prescription , its much much lower in the contacts , and also I have dropped the contacts on the floor a few times, plus my mom gave me the same solution for 3 days straight) Now that i got my glasses, just about 4 hours ago , will they be normal again? Is it cause of the contacts? Allergies? Other reason?
answer Will  Answered at 2011.05.10 01:29:58
When you dropped your contacts they probably small particles in them that irritated your eyes. Plus you were wearing the wrong perscription which in my experience puts a lot of strain on your eyes and can cause redness as well. And then on top of that your lack of sleep would also cause redness. So I would just suggest getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night from now on, wearing the right prescription eyeware, and thoroughly washing your contacts any time they get foreign matter in them. If it doesn't start getting better in 2-4 days go to your doctor.
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