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Can someone explain if I will need to wear my glasses all the time?

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Asked at 2011.05.10 01:29:53
I had my eyes tested and was told it might help my headaches if i get glasses but its up to me whether i want to try them. If i do will i need to wear them all the time?

My prescription is

Right eye -0.50 +0.75 180
Left Eye -0.50 +0.75 161

Any help is appreciated
answer TEK33  Answered at 2011.05.10 01:29:53
That is a relatively low Rx, so you may find you can go without it most of the time but find it helpful for TV, driving or a sporting event/concert. It is all subjective to the wearer though. You could very well put them on and appreciate the sharpness you get and wear them all the time. Once you see how much clearer it is you may not want to tolerate the lack of clarity you get without them. Just be patient at first, you have a small amount of astigmatism in each eye and it could take you a day or so to feel comfortable. It should be clear, but may feel a bit weird at first as your brain adjusts to the new images.

There will always be someone trying to get you do try exercises, which won't help and only waste your time. Most often it is a "real life experience" being portrayed only to lead you to their website.
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