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Psychology help plz........?

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Asked at 2011.05.05 22:10:28
1. ___________ is a method of treatment for mild to moderate cases of emotional and mental disorders that uses a process of patient discovery. (1 point)

2. The work of __________ is the foundation of psychotherapy. (1 point)

3. Psychotherapy is a(n) _____________ process. (1 point)
4. Psychotherapy can be used to treat ___________ like smoking. (1 point)
Specific problems
Non-specific problems
Addictive habits
5. How many schools of thought have influenced psychotherapy? (1 point)
6. Psychotherapy is also referred to as ___________. (1 point)
Couch therapy
Regression therapy
Talk therapy
Unconscious therapy
7. The overall goal of psychotherapy is to _________________. (1 point)
Help patients uncover their subconscious desires
Help patients eliminate or control behavior that has disrupted their lives
Restructure their thought patterns
Root out the biological source of psychological problems
8. Modern psychotherapy has expanded to include _______________. (1 point)
Group therapy
Aversion therapy
Regression therapy
9. How is psychotherapy useful in treating severe disorders? (1 point)
A psychotherapist can prescribe medication in addition to regular sessions.
A psychotherapist can monitor a patient’s medication regimen in addition to regular sessions.
A psychotherapist administers shock treatments.
A psychotherapist refer a patient to someone who deals with severe disorders.
10. Based on the information you’ve learned in previous lessons, which of the following is NOT a likely influence on the changes made to modern psychotherapy? (1 point)
Some psychologists wanted to understand higher levels of thought associated with free will and self-reflection.
Some psychologists wanted to study only things they could know for sure, such as observable behavior.
Some psychologists wanted to focus strictly on case studies.
Some psychologists wanted to study the dynamics between the psyche and the external world.
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1. psychotherapy
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