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Does anybody have problems with removing small circle hooks from a channel catfish?

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Asked at 2011.05.05 00:04:48
Because if they aren't lip hooked, than I pretty much have to cut the hook.
Can somebody recommend an appropriate size and brand circle hook for small-to medium channel catfish.

Note: the reason I'm using circle hooks is because of catch and release fishing.
answer Josh  Answered at 2011.05.05 00:04:48
Don't be afraid to use larger sized hooks for catfish. Smaller hooks are more prone to lodged in awkward places.

It could also have to do with how/when you're setting the hook. I know some people recommend letting the catfish run with the line for a bit before setting the hook, but that isn't necessarily a good idea for catch and release fishing. Yes, it can increase your catch percentage, but you're also risking the fish getting the hook lodged deep in their mouth, or even throat. For catch and release fishing, I highly recommend setting the hook right as the catfish hits. Using this method, along with a decent sized circle hook, should workout good for you and the fish. The hooks will normally catch them in the corner of their mouth, and come out relatively easily.

Also, always have a good pair of needle nose pliers with you at all times.
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