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Best gun out of the following?

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Asked at 2011.05.05 00:04:29
well i want to buy a gun for self defense, should i get a .25, .38 snub nose, a .357 magnum, a .45 apc, or a 9mm, i was thinking a .38 snub revolver 6 shots? i think, since it is small and it can fit in my pocket, but it doesnt compare to having a full clip of bullets in a 45....or what do you think?
answer jack of all trades  Answered at 2011.05.05 00:04:29
ok, you don't seem to know much, you need to do a bit more reading and research. first I'd go to a local public range and rent a few handguns and try shooting them first, usually gives you an idea of each gun and helps you narrow down what you want to buy.

25acp is terrible. unless you need a gun that fits in your pocket and super concealable, its not for you.

38 special is a popular concealed carry revovler caliber. mild recoil, effective, and inexpensive to practice.

357 magnum is not what you want to shoot out of a snub-nosed revolver. its not fun. unless you like a huge BOOM and huge recoil. and not able to hit a guy 15 feet away.

45 acp is a bit heavy for subs compact handguns, however still many people favor it. good balance of punch and penetration, however increased recoil and increased time at the range practicing. usually for people who already own a few handguns and knows what they're doing.

9mm, an all-around intermediate power pistol round, recoils mild, penetration is good, has decent stopping power, inexpensive to practice with, and lots of choice of handguns.

I have a hi point c9, 9mm handgun, its very easy to shoot, its accurate, inexpensive ($155), reliable and simple to clean. its a good handgun however not the most compact or concealable. its easy to learn to shoot and later work on your accuracy.
I love my hi point, its like a super cheap Glock (Glock 17 or 19 is about $600). great handgun, I'd carry it if I could if California didn't make it a felony (and make carry permits impossible to get).

I'm also looking to buy a 38 special S&W airweight revolver, wanting something easily concealable and in a moderate cartridge. this really isn't the gun to have if you know nothing about shooting, as it take a good bit of practice and existing skill to be able to hit anything with it.

downsides of semiauto:
expensive, more parts to clean, goes thru ammo pretty quickly.
downsides of revolver:
less ammunition capacity, slow to reload (don't miss)
upsides of semiauto:
quick to reload, easy to use
upsides of revolver:
extremely relaible, never jams, is available in more powerful calibers (not for beginner shooters)
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