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Why won my MacBook work!?

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Asked at 2011.05.05 00:04:05
So I was using homesharing once and my computer got the rainbow circle and I couldn't shut off my computer unless I pulled out the battery or I leftist on w/out a charger. The next couple of times I turned it on, it froze in iTunes and I pulled out the battery (does pulling out the battery worsen this?). Then it froze in safari and i pulled out the battery. Each time something like this occurred it took less timeto freeze until I couldonly turn it on and it would freeze. Now I turn it on, it chimes, the grey apple comes up and then a loading circle appears below it. After a few minutes of fruitless loading, it just shuts off. If i tap the power button it turns off like a lightswitch. Haw can I fix this? (the laptop is a few years old)
answer   Answered at 2011.05.05 00:04:05
brodieallan Answered at 2014.12.15 01:37:52
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corranjamie Answered at 2015.01.16 03:48:18
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rubeodeclan Answered at 2015.03.09 03:56:50
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