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Which gun should I buy, Mosin Nagant or a paintball gun?

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Ben M. 
Asked at 2011.05.05 00:03:54
I have $120 and I have the choice of getting a Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, or the Alpha Black or a similar paintball gun. I really can't decide what to buy? The Mosin Nagant is on sale until Sunday, then it goes back up to $200 :(
answer Alex  Answered at 2011.05.05 00:03:54
All depends on the amount of understanding you have about firearms. (don't take this as an insult) But if all you know about guns is that the mosin nagant is in call of duty then go with a paint ball gun because if you **** up with that nobody is going to be missing a limb or dead the mosin nagant well lets just say its not going to be pretty. If your starting out in the world of firearms then may i suggest saving a little more for a nice bolt action .22 for plinking as the mosin nagant isn't really an ideal gun to learn on. It's also as the first answer states a mass produced "standard infantry rifle" from the days of bolt action rifles. It's by no means a great sniper rifle it was just all the russians had and they just slapped scopes on the more accurate ones. Write down a checklist and see what you come up with.
Have I ever shot a real gun?
Have I ever shot a gun that kicks a-lot?
Do I have the space or a range that will let me shoot a rifle?
Do I really need something chambered in such a large round?
Are my confident enough to take apart a simple rifle for basic cleaning and maintenance and then reassemble it again properly?
If you answered at least three of these with a yes then the mosin nagant may be for you if not may I politely suggest a paint ball gun or a .22 rifle?
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