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New at deer hunting when season starts?

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texaz boy 
Asked at 2011.05.05 00:03:21
i bought a remington 770 .270 rifle. i had the rifle sighted in at 200yds with winchester SuperX .270 130 grain ammo, my question is can i shoot Winchester Supreme .270 130grain bullets through my rifle now, i ran out of the superX so the range where i was at sold my the Supremes. they claimed no harm to the rifle if anything i get better knock down power with the supremes. it just worries me because when i bought the fifle the guy picked out a box of the superX for me but the range were out of them when i went so thats why i bought the new Supreme... so if anybody could clear my mind about it i would high appreciate it
answer Dano77  Answered at 2011.05.05 00:03:21
Any properly chambered .270 load is fine to shoot with a .270 rifle. All commercially available ammunition will be properly chambered and should be no problem. The worst that might happen is a 'jam'. This would be likely due to the gun needing a cleaning, or at worst a poorly manufactured load. In any case it wouldn't damage the gun.

It is a little early to be sighting your gun in for deer hunting, but it is a good idea to be shooting targets for practice especially if you are new to shooting (or hunting). It's best to stick with the same weight (grain) bullets, as you did. The difference between the Winchester Super X and the Winchester Supreme is basically quality and consistency. And actually, the Supremes are the better ones. So, I'd keep shooting them if you like. I've shot a lot of Winchester in my day and much prefer the Supremes over the Super X. It would be wise to verify your gun is still sighted in where you expect it to be before the season begins. A different load, even though it's the same weight, can behave differently enough to make a difference.
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