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Is a mosin nagant 91/30 accurate?

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Asked at 2011.05.04 23:57:54
i was told that the mosin nagant is extremly accurate at long ranges and is very dependable. I was wanting to get one and use it for hunting. is this true?
answer Alex  Answered at 2011.05.04 23:57:54
There are many factors the attribute to the accuracy of Mosin Nagants, ranging from the sights to the bore and everything in-between. One thing you might worry about the most if using the rifle as a hunting firearm is the fact that these rifles were sighted in with the bayonets on because soviet military doctrine at the time stated that they should always be mounted on the weapon and when removed accuracy would suffer because the bayonet would change the barrels harmonics and I'm guessing that you don't really want a foot and a half long spike hanging off of the rifle. Of course there is also the bore which may be dark or worn down from use or it could be counter-bored if the particular rifle was arsenal refinished by the soviet government during the cold war for use as a civil defense weapon (Mosin Nagants that were arsenal refinished will have a small square on the receiver, this doesn't however mean its always going to be counter-bored) Front sights are sometimes lose as well and will require a fix to get them to stay in place during fire. So in conclusion it's really the luck of the draw with these guns, you must remember that these are surplus military rifles from Russia varying from 67 to 120 years of age and were designed for warfare. The rifles are very hard to put a scope on and will usually need a-lot of tweaking and work to get them to preform just how you want them. On the upside they are a cheap and reliable firearm that is rugged and hard to make not fire and on top of this the 7.62x54r cartridge they are chambered for is sold in most gun and sporting good stores for a very fair price and even can be found in 880 round crates fresh from leftover soviet stockpiles. If you want a good rifle for hunting to start out with a Mosin Nagant is not a bad choice in the least but will take some time to get just right in terms of accuracy, also if you can hand pick your Mosin Nagant if the dealer you are buying it from has more than one and stay away from the tempting $70 Mosins on the internet that tend to be in rough shape. But to be honest if you have the money you can't beat a good current manufacture hunting rife by companies like winchester or Ruger these are made for the purpose of hunting and can accept all kinds of scopes stocks and accessories to make the rifle suit you best.
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