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Need help with Airsoft?

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Asked at 2011.05.04 23:57:11
350 FPS gun

Which airsoft Pellets cause the most damage?

.12,.20, or .25 grams?

(Which can go through objects with more power?)

(Which one do YOU personally prefer?)
answer Jonathan  Answered at 2011.05.04 23:57:11
the impact of .25 is more that .20 and .20 is more than .12
but the fps feet per second is more with .12 than .20 and that is more than .25

for 350fps i would say .20

.25 will be too heavy for that fps unless you have the hop up high

.12 and the cheapiest bbs you can find and are junk for and airsoft gun above i would say 150-200fps they stink
definately .2s or maybe .25

.25 will go through the object more than .20 will do some less than .12 will do even less even though the fps will be higher but the fps doesnt change too much

have fun shooting :)
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