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R9 vs R11 Driver Distance?  

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Sam Gray 
Asked at 2011.05.04 22:03:05
I have an R9 supertri and I am interested in getting the new R11. What is the difference distance wise between R9 and R11?And R9 and R11 are the heads the same size?
answer Alex  Answered at 2011.05.04 22:03:05
well i got a r7 limitied driver and i asked a golfer in my local club and he works at a pro shop bout getting a r11 and he said they are no good, as he has had many people come back with the club head breaking, the shafts snapping and there not as good as the previous r9's or r'7s so i recommend not gettin a r11
answer R9vsR11  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:36:50
TaylorMade R9 SuperMax Driver description: Taylormade Japan introduces all new SuperMax R9 driver for the fall season of 2010. The SuperMax is MAX and MAX remote user. The ultra forgiving 460cc black as SuperMax features high MOI and high launch and greater carry thanks to a deep and low center of gravity. Shallower face and head to larger sweet spot and a great confidence in SuperMax address.The also has flight control technology that allows the head can be adjusted in 8 different positions to alter the trajectory and direction of change loft, lie and face angle. With the new FCT Supermax R9 sleeve comes in at an ultra-light weight of 287g (R Flex)! This makes for greater speed and more total distance for the average golfer. Titanium head all the features of a face and crown inverted cone technology 0.6mm.Forgiveness ultra thin wall and stunning performance for the average golfer will take you to the next level.The SuperMax has a closed rule * 1 face lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 and 12HT (High Trajectory). SuperMax driver comes with a new Fujikura shaft Motore SuperMax, a pair of mid-to mid kick shaft 45.75 "in length.The SuperMax new driver will be released on September 17, 2010. We recommend pre-orders as the first series will no doubt sell .

TaylorMade R11 Driver description: On the three dimensions of success Distance.Building outside R9 driver, and the Spirit TM putters, TaylorMade R11 driver brings the new technology, innovation and aesthetics of the proud TaylorMade drivers line. With its distinctive white crown and black face, the R11 is one of the drivers easier to align in the direction each time, while mass technological features ensure proper fit for each player, allowing you to maximize distance through proper loft, face angle, and customization of the flight path.
Activate the three dimensions of distance with the R11 Driver.Dimension 1: LoftIncrease or lower loft to get more distance.Dimension 2: Face AngleSelect open, closed, or address more distance.Dimension neutral scenario 3: Flight PathPromote fade with greater weight in the toe weight at the heel. Promote a tie with a lighter weight in the toe, a heavier weight in the heel. Win more away with an optimum ball flight.
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