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My husband gets so upset when his favourite hockey team loses... Any advice?

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Asked at 2011.05.03 03:10:45
I understand it's the playoffs, but losing a game shouldn't allow you to start acting like an out of control little boy. I mean it wasn't even a loss that pushed us out of the playoffs....(Game 7 is tomorrow).
He's not a violent guy, he's actually a really good guy. A good husband and father. But he starts pushing and punching things. I yelled at him to stop it because it's immature and our 4yr an 1yr olds were in the living room.(he went to the hallway). though he would never hurt any of us, it makes me really nervous and a tiny bit scared.
He stopped, but still looked very agitated for a while...and I also noticed a bite mark on his shoulder. I don't know if he did it in the hall or after I yelled for him to stop... but I'm sure it was done because he wanted to get his anger out but couldn't punch/push things anymore....geez come on...
Game 7 is tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go to my mom's with the girls to watch the game and ..sleep over just in case. (I've never done something like this and I told him last night in bed...he said he didn't want me to go, I said, "well what am I supposed to do if we lose?". he didn't say anything)
What also bothers me is that none of the goals that were scored on us were necessarily bad ones and he doesn't even complain about how bad we did or bad penalties or whatever, he just gets mad if we lose. Thanks for listening. I guess I'm looking for any experiences/advice/suggestions/understan… Thanks.
answer pisces pixie  Answered at 2011.05.03 03:10:45
My husband's a hot-head too. My advice is to stand your ground. Give him a look that says he's being stupid about it and he is. When/if he takes it out on you, tell him to get over it; there's more to life than a puck. ;-)

It's your house too and you don't have to go anywhere!
bondsally Answered at 2021.07.16 08:07:33
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